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The Great 'Valentine's gifts for men' Hunt

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The Great 'Valentine's gifts for men' Hunt

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Great 'men, what do you want for Valentine's?' Hunt

Let's face it, Valentine's often focuses on men doing the wooing. But what about the other way around? Men, this is your chance to have your say, to give ideas to loved ones.

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  • I saw this link on the email and thought "what a great idea - I'll be able to get some ideas for hubby"

    :eek:Not so:eek: - I can't believe there are no replies - come ON guys...!
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  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    I just asked my husband and he said, 'Nothing, it doesn't figure in my thinking at all'.

    He will only get something from me if I win it in one of the comps that are posted. (I know he'd love a guitar really if he didn't have to justify the spend)
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  • There is a very similar discussion on the message board at my work - the men there generally said they didn't like the idea of standard valentine's gifts like flowers/chocolates/heart shaped things but would prefer something that relates to their interests etc just like what you would buy for a birthday or Christmas.

    Suggestions from the menfolk at work included video games, cologne, cooking his favourite meal, lingerie (for you to wear and him to admire!) and tickets to a sporting event. Like any other gift giving occasion I think the important thing is to think about what the other person would like/appreciate and what you can afford to do!
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  • edited 6 February 2013 at 5:46PM
    ChemicalJasperChemicalJasper Forumite
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    edited 6 February 2013 at 5:46PM
    ....well to be perfectly honest I think most men would be more than happy with a little...'pampering' :whistle::kisses3: :j:rotfl::) in the bedroom.

    A great MSE gift as it is completely free!!:dance:
  • Peace and quiet.:T:T
  • My boyfriend put a digital radio on his Amazon wish list and told me to get him that!
  • When in Barcelona I discovered that for Valentine the women get flowers and the men books, maybe there should be a standard gift like this for the UK.
  • I treat my partner all the time and so I can't help to get a little upset over being made to feel like I have to treat my partner on one specific day. I like to be spontaneous.
    For this reason we have a nice meal out on a day where we can enjoy it without it being forced.....or ripped off!
  • I too was a little disappointed not to see lots of replies but DH says just a card would be enough. I have bought him a £15 bottle of Chablis which is a lot more than we normally spend on a bottle of wine. I know he will enjoy it and at least It is a bit of a treat.
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  • We use Valentines day as an excuse to set time aside to spend with each other, never buy gifts just some nice ingredients to cook dinner together.
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