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February 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 5 January 2013 at 3:22PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • My problem is I see a reduction and then think what do I have to regig in the freezer to get THAT In
    Same here, i cant pass the reductions by. Ive jigged and rejigged my freezer and taken out 2 drawers to get it all in and now ive started on veg reductions!! I must stop, although this week ive only spent £11 and have more than enough to last me more than a few months (freezer contents that is). I look at it as long as i dont throw it away, its not a waste. Ive had some rare concoctions (SP?) for meals though :rotfl:
  • lbnblbnb wrote: »
    Still snowing on and off here, but not settling. Baking done with my five year old, lovely times. His sister is out for the afternoon so just me and him. I have cleared up and hoovered (don't ask!). Trying to use up ingredients so we made prune (chopped up small) scones and white chocolate and glac! cherry muffins. Fridge bread begun too.

    I have some mixed peel left from Christmas, what can I do with it? A bit stumped.

    Whats Fridge bread and do you have a recipe?
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    £4 in T's just now on 2 bags Har!bo, prepped and diced carrot, swede and potato, 6 pk wm rolls and 2 ys BoB Hov!s reduced to 20p each.

    Strange tonight as DH is on a stag night in Leeds, DD and DS2 are both on sleepovers arranged lastminute yesterday, so just DS1 and his friend playing on the console in the other room plus me!

    I did all the ironing earlier and have had 3 wm loads on today - I really know how to live!

    Off to watch some wallpaper TV - love the trashy stuff and never get to watch it usually :rotfl:

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    katholicoskatholicos Forumite
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    edited 2 February 2013 at 9:20PM
    Dizzymcf wrote: »
    Help. Tried to make lemon curd in slow cooker but its very I had a quick look on mse and found a recipe for making ice cream using iPad died and now I can't find the recipe again. I've been looking for ages and am about to cry ... Can anyone point me in the right direction please !

    Mine turned out quite runny and despite refridgerating for a couple of days only thicken up very slightly. I used a recipe from here too. The recipe i used was THIS ONE.

    I used the lemon curd up today by using some to fill a sponge cake and mixed some with icing sugar to make a really yummy icing for the top of the cake.
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  • lbnblbnblbnblbnb Forumite
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    Whats Fridge bread and do you have a recipe?
    It is dough that you start (very simple recipe) and then keep in the fridge. You can use it for bread, pizza dough, wraps... She explains it all in her blog post. I was a little sceptical, but we made it and it was great. It has a sour dough taste, but if you like that I would really recommend it. As she says, if it keeps you from nipping to the shops because you have run out of bread and coming home £20 lighter....!
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  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    Our first shop of the month came to 5.57, not bad for 2 300g packs of lamb mince, 2 packs of smoked salmon and toilet rolls.
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    katholicoskatholicos Forumite
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    Made a 'squidgy lemon curd cake x 2.

    150 grams plain flour
    3 x tsp baking powder
    4 x eggs
    150 grams sugar

    Whisk eggs. Add sugar, whisk together. Add flour and baking powder and mix well. Pour in to 2 cake tins/sillicone cake 'tins'.

    Microwave each for between 3 and 5 minutes. Remove from bakeware and cool on a cooling rack.

    For the topping and filling....

    1 or 2 cups icing sugar

    Lemon curd

    Slice open/sandwich and together with lemon curd.

    Mix icing sugar and lemon curd to make a thickish icing for the topping.

    Within ten minutes 2 x cakes. Yum.


    Made root veg curry in slow cooker which we had for tea and there are 3 large portions for the freezer.
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  • wuvvieswuvvies Forumite
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    adding my first spend of 53.08 for week 1 out of 250 pounds for the month. really pleased with this altough have got 7 pounds in my purse for any extras i may need in the week.
  • elizabunny wrote: »
    Just popping on to report my disgraceful £68 shopping spend total for yesterday & Thursday!

    Equally disgraceful £70.22 spent this morning at Sainsbugs :eek:

    That said, I spent £20 on booze and chocolates for tomorrow's visit by inlaws who celebrated 40 years married this week; £24 on 8 x salmon fillets (honey and soy glazed salmon tomorrow for lunch, followed by cheesecake - shop bought, couldn't be bothered making my own!), 5 chicken breasts, pork joint, and 20 rashers of bacon. And the rest, really, just on stuff (fruit, bread, genuinely not sure :o). Will need to do a fuller shop come the week really but don't intend to spend on any meat (despite needing mince really). Will sort meal planner and see. I'm more than a little disappointed to be honest - after doing so well last month, I really thought I'd cracked it. Back to basics this week - I promise!
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  • GreenFairyGreenFairy Forumite
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    I've done so much shopping today that I'm feeling a little light headed. Mr T, L1dl and the Asian market. €69.71 in total.

    Lots of baking supplies, lunchbox stuff, entirely lucked out on the YS veg to the point that my fridge will hardly close plus have a 10kg bag of Japanese rice (which should keep me going til Summer) and a whole lot of other bits and pieces.
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