Ja-NEW-ary 2013 - Take your lunch to work thread

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  • hello so goodbye January and 22.5 days out of a potential 23 ltw days, get in! lol

    have been too busy to update each day this week but have just had the usual really, i dont get bored of samey stuff tbh but will mix it up a bit in Feb.

    Well done everyone
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    very pleased that I've managed to not buy lunch at all this month, I've saved a very nice £90 just from not going out over lunch!

    will definitely be taking part in Feb!
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    Evening All :D

    Whoop-whoop it's the last day of January and haven't we done well :T:T

    So are we all ready to walk on over to the Feb-YOU-ary 2013 - TLW ?

    Just one last thing to say - thank you everyone for your contributions :j

    Keep up the great job :dance::dance:
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    Kittiej thanks for starting the thread, I have fallen off the wagon about four times but it is becoming a habit!
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  • Evening Kittiej and everyone

    I am really happy with what I achieved in January so have upped my targets for February as I am at work for a full month and have calculated my potential savings on that and have updated my signature accordingly.

    Some impressive amounts saved. :T:T I wonder if the sandwich shops have noticed? lol :D

    See you all on the February thread.

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    I did well this week and managed 4/5 :).
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