Egg Loan - Succsess !!

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Just sharing my experience with my complaint with Egg.

I filled in the FOS form and sent it off to Canada Square on Jan 22nd. 2 seperate complaints ..... one on a loan and the other for a Credit Card.

Yesterday I recieved a letter stating that they had received my complaint for the loan and would now investigate ... Today another letter arrives .... I assume its is a letter confirming reciept of my credit card complaint ....but no .... They have investigated and upheld my complaint on the loan and over £4k is on the way back to me !!!:j:j

Seems like I got lucky in the response time compared to some on here although the basis of my complaint was that the PPI was front loaded which reading replies on here was very much frowned upon so guess that it did not take much investigating once this had been identified

Either way I am not complaining - thanks to this site and all the posters on here with the advice and help. :T:beer:

The call to the tax man to let them know about the interest will still hurt though !!


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