Ja-NEW-ary 2013 - Take your lunch to work thread

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    I've been being fairly good and saved a good bit in January. Cous cous for me today. Never made it from the kettle before, but it was absolutely fine. So there's another option for me.

    Tomorrow I have left over meatballs and pasta to take with me.
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    So.... Been absent but I have been thinking of you guys! Out of 7 possible lunches, I caved once, so that's £18 saved. I can't believe it adds up so quickly! My mission now is to get a bit more creative so I don't get bored this time :)
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    Scrambled eggs on toast again for me today.

    Tomorrow will be Pasta in a Tomato Sauce.
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    Operation being inventive off the starting blocks! I'm off work today so have microwaved/finished off in oven a jacket potato to take in tomorrow. I will grate some cheese and heat it up in work microwave and have it with a side salad I will have leftover from tonights meal :)
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    Well done everyone and keep being inventive SNH!

    I might make a curry for tea so if I make extra I can take some tomorrow and it's curry day in work so I won't feel as though I'm missing out :)
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  • Hi all! ..

    Not spent a penny today, lunch was provided for by a guy at work that enjoys cooking so he brought lunch in for us all.. Not complaining of a free meal... He must spend a fortune though!

    Lasagne for tea tonight so will make more to purposely take to work tomorrow.

    Last day of the month tomorrow, so let's all take lunch into work! I'm defiantly joining the feb TLW! It's so addictive!!

    Have a lovely evening all!

  • I had my yummy pasta today (and will have it for the next 2 days but at least lunch is sorted).

    I have updated my signature with my new savings. Am really chuffed as I have not spent a penny on lunch for January.

    One more day to go to reach targets.

    I shall certainly be pleased to say goodbye to January.

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    Well only one more lunch to go until Janruary is polished off :) I am proud to say that I have only bought lunch at work once this month as I didn't have anything in the house to make a sandwich with lol.

    And as for the takeaways I have actually had 2 this month so not a totally free takeaway month but not a bad start, will see how I do in Feb!!

    But it does mean I have saved well over £200 in total and have saved over £50 from taking my lunch to work:T:T

    SO good luck to everyone for Feb :D
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    I bought a bag of M&S crisps after work tonight (a BIG bag :( ) but in better news we got sent 2 x @nnabel [email protected] ready meals today and nobody took them from the free table (I left them there a couple of hours and even tried to encourage a pregnant workmate to freeze them but if they'd sat there any longer they'd have started to go off!) so I've put them in the fridge. Barbeque chicken and rice (x 2!) for me tomorrow!
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    I had some horrible soup last week - it tasted far too strongly of pepper. So i wrote them a nice letter, and today I receieved some vouchers to buy more soup :-)
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