Double glazing guarantee

We had some double glazed windows installed in 1998. In one of the panes of glass there is now some condensation showing, I believe this is due to the seals having gone? This happened about a couple of years ago and the DG company (after much persuasion) came out and sorted this pane. The recent problem is with another pane on the same large window. Anyway, they say the seals are not under the 10 year guarantee and they won't replace free of charge. We pointed out about the repair they did before and they say that we must have just got it within the 5 year guarantee which the seals are under.

Is this correct? I thought all the window parts came under the 10 year guarantee?



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    I don't want to sound like I am stating the obvious, but what does the guarantee say? It should specify what parts are covered.

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    A 5 year warranty for DG units is quite normal even if the frames carry a 10 year warranty (and I'll bet that doesn't include the hardware), so it wouldn't surprise me if that is the case. Units are funny things; some will struggle to stay sealed for 5 years, some will be fine when you are ripping the windows out thirty years later.
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    Well you may be right,but on the phone she told dh to read the contract, we have but there's no mention whatsoever about anything covered for only 5 years.

    "will pay the cost of repairs or replacement in the event of failure of the installation of new PVCu windows and associated works or part thereof to function properly in accordance with the manufacturers specifications"

    in the exceptions there is no mention of any specific parts having a different cover.

    Someone is coming to give us a quote to fix this, I will be asking him to point out this bit in the contract, that will be interesting.....
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    Be ready for them to throw the 'in accordance with the manufacturers specifications' part back at you.
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