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  • Anybody know the address of 18866, just in case we have to write to them eventually?

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  • As someone said earlier in the post quite a few companies only go off the first 12 digits of the card. This is so when your card is reissued, whether lost, stolen, damaged or just time for a new one, and the last 2,3, or 4 numbers change it means you dont have to start contacting each company to give your new card number meaning no future payments are missed. This is good when you are happy paying but not when wanting to cancel.

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    Do correct me if I'm missing something here but you seem to be saying the card issuers are honouring requests for payment against cards for which the requestor doesn't even have the card number. Surely nonsense?
  • yeah thats true because a lot of them just go off the first 12 0r 13 digits to try to make it hassle free when you get a new card whether it be lost, stolen,or reissued. As i said good 4 idiots who are always losing their card but not so good when wanting to cancel the continuous card payment. Ive worked for a few banks so know this is not surely nonsense.
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    I don't believe this can be valid. If you go by just the first 12 or 13 numbers it does not uniquely identify the card holder so how can it be charged to their account?
  • Galstonian has a very valid a little confused....doesnt it just negate having so many numbers?
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    Hi All,

    Had an 'experience' of CPA a few years back with MSN Music. I only gave them my card details to purchase one particular set of credits, which was a one off, despite which they then attempted to charge my card (debit) £5 every month forever - To make things worse, they didn't even add the equivalent credits to my MSN Music account! Got it sorted reasonably easily and early, so I suppose this was a genuine mistake by MSN. Just glad that it was a reasonable company and they fixed it!

    Heard a never ending list of these problems with AOL mind!!!

    One thing that does get me is exactly WHY do the banks allow these companies to continue to take payment from an expired card? Surely if its expired, its expired and useless!


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    What a coincidence - I just logged on to discuss this very topic and ask for advice.

    18 months ago I paid off my Egg credit card and actually _closed_ the account.

    Today I received a letter from my bank about a current account that I no longer use, telling me that it's £100 overdrawn. It seems that Egg have been taking £5 a month from the account.

    So, I phone Egg. Apparently, they have been paying AOL £17 a month for the last 18 months - even though the credit card account is closed!

    To me, this seems baffling that a) Egg still have the right to debit my current account even though I have terminated my associated with them, and b) been able to pay money out on my behalf for this entire period.

    Surely they aren't allowed to do this? I'm genuinely and absolutely gutted about this.
  • Hi There

    On a similar track if I from a merchant's point of view wanted to setup one of these for my customers how would I do it? Could I do this through PAYPAL or would I need to contact Worldpay or similar? Obviously it can be a pain for customers but it can be very useful for merchants as we have experienced.

    Does anyone know how this could be done?

    I hope I don't upset anyone :-0, but can see the flipside, Thank in advance

  • Martin, there must be something the people of this country can do about this ' Continious Card Payment' ripoff. I have been a victim of this ripoff by Tiscali. Could you highlight the problem through the wider media and force the govt to do something about this. How could the credit card company charge you once the credit card is closed. This is the biggest ripoff currently in effect.
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  • Hello there,

    As a result of an article in today's Sunday Express Financial supplement, I've been looking at call1899 and call18866.
    It would appear that although you can still only pay call1899 by a CPA, call18866 now accepts Direct Debit payments.
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