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im on work programme unemployed, but jc told them "i found work"

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  • busy_mom_2busy_mom_2 Forumite
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    Morlock wrote: »
    That is absolutely disgusting. I cannot believe your are revelling in someone getting a three year sanction, what a despicable person you are. Perhaps he needs help rather than punishment.

    You think someone who has been claiming for eight years, has been offered help every time he comes in, been on every course going, we have paid for him to recently take his FLT licence, we compile the C.V. for him we find him jobs to apply for and all he has to do is send the C.V. he has no disabilities, he is also claiming HB and CT gets free dental treatment and prescriptions. And you think having his benefit sanctioned for none compliance is unfair? Do you not understand what jobseekers allowance is? What I find unfair is he is still receiving hardship payments, he needs to apply for work! Why should myself and staff have to deal with abusive and threatening behavior from some-one like this?
  • busy_mom_2busy_mom_2 Forumite
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    Morlock wrote: »
    That sentence doesn't make sense. But perhaps it is a good indicator that you are giving him the wrong type of support. Most people with any experience of the Jobcentre realise it is the last place to go for help in finding a job, whether that be because of a lack of resources, or vindictive staff, or both.

    This person is claiming jobseekers allowance, an allowance to seek work and he has been claiming this for eight years, on top of this he gets the other benefits I have mentioned. He has been sanctioned on numerous occasions because he fails to comply with the regulations for claiming this benefit. Prior to October these sanctions were smaller periods he has, as I have stated, received as much help as he wants. The jobcentre is not there to get him a job. We assist the job seeker to help themselves find work, hence why they get the benefit. Nothing to do with resources or vindictive staff, the jobseeker doesn't comply he gets sanctioned. What exactly do you suggest we do?

    Unbelievable, you really are a sick, twisted individual.

    I take great objection to this. I have a family, I work and I complete several hours voluntary work each week. I am neither sick nor twisted. I am paid to do a job and I do it well. I am more than willing to help an individual but I object to people playing the benefit system thinking that 'dole' is their right. I am a tax payer and and like the thought of my contribution going to those who need it rather then expect it. Yes it is hard to find work at the moment but we have not been in a recession for eight years, there is no excuse for a person to be unemployed this long.

    Perhaps because he senses that you are creaming your knickers at the thought of him having zero income to survive, and therefore deserving of abuse.

    I am probably one of the few people who do not 'cream my knickers' at dealing with him. He comes in shouting and abusing my staff so yes I deal with him, and I deal with him the same way i deal with any person in a polite and profession manner. What exactly gives him the right to scare people and threaten them? Why is it that member of staff fault that he has not complied with the regulations for claiming benefit? I'm sure if this person behaved like that in a hospital or bank he would be removed, no we deal with them. He doesn't have zero income, but he would have more if he put more effort into his jobsearch.

    Now I am not returning your comments with personal derogatory comments about yourself and I do not appreciate you passing ones on me. I am saying cheers to the fact that the benefit system is finally realising people are creaming the system and not rewarding them for doing so!
  • AP007 wrote: »
    the jc use NI numbers to ID people, not names

    All fine in theory, however we are just speculating about the cause. Incompetence can lead to this happening regardless of NI Numbers.

    I speak from experience - my ESA appeal in 2010 was mixed up with someone else's - we shared the same surname only. Even when I wrote to the DWP and the Tribunal service, they just added my complaint letter about the mixup to the end of their bundle of papers...
  • yeah was a mistake, Ive been invited back to sit at their computer workstation again and look at the non jobs and apply for jobs that i will never get
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    reborndoll wrote: »
    yeah was a mistake, Ive been invited back to sit at their computer workstation again and look at the non jobs and apply for jobs that i will never get

    So whose responsibility is it to do whatever it takes so that you might be in a position to get one of those jobs. Is it the job centre who has to do miracles and found you the perfect job for you that only you can do, meeting all your requirements? Or is it for you to reassess what you can offer so you do start to have more to offer? You said you used to voluntary work, are you still doing it? Are you looking into the possibility of childcare so that you could work different hours?

    In the end, the job centre is not there to give you a job no matter what, it is up to you to make yourself worth an employer giving you a job.
  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    My son got sanctioned for forgetting an appointment - however due to his disability they accepted it was an honest mistake and he got his missing benefit. My attitude was if he had lost his money -although I'm on a low wage and supporting him -it would have underlined the fact he needs to "remember" and certainly woukldn't have felt it was unfair. After all if I "forget" to go to work-I don't get paid.
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    Busy_Mom wrote: »
    And it will continue to get worse I'm afraid. But to be far there are still people who do not help them selves.

    I spoke to a customer yesterday in our office kicking off because he now has a 26 week sanction for not applying for a job, reason he 'didn't get round to it'. This is now the 3rd time in 8 weeks he hasn't got round to applying for a job because he has other things to do and now faces a third sanction and it will be 3 years. Eight years unemployed, I say about time too.:beer:

    I hope it give him a kick up the rear although I would have thought the fact being on JSA would be enough of an incentive to get round to applying for jobs, if that didnt work then sanction #1should have made him see sense.
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