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    We had a 5 hour delay on a flight june 26th 2012. I complained as soon as we returned home as it meant we lost half a day of our week holiday they turned us down. In October I then wrote referring to the EU legislation and they have now sent me a claim form after me chasing them. They want our boarding passes. And unless we send them the form will be returned. Not many people keep their boarding passes so fe,el it is an avoiding tactic by them. Anyone else making a claim for this flight TOM 30 gatwick to montego bay? Percyandbob

    I've already replied to you on your previous thread in the other section.
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    Recieved a reply from the CAA in which they stated;

    'I have written to Thomson for further information, the pilot being ill while in a foreign country may be outside of the airlines's control'.

    My understanding was that even though the pilot being ill may be outside their control.. having a suitable standby pilot available is within their control and therefore a delay caused by this is not an exceptional circumstance?
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    Might be worth pursuing a line similar to: Please state the medical attention that the pilot received... etc
    although this might well be stonewalled as being too much personal info to reveal.
  • Yes the flight numbers are the same

    2250 7.15 am changed to 14.30pm
    2251 12.30pm changed to 19.45pm
  • As the flights were changed to nightime
    I did cancel and rebooked the same holiday
    for 2 days later at an additional cost of £300.
    Thomson agreed to waive the £70 transfer/
    cancellation fee and I said I would ring the
    following day to confirm which I did.
    When I rang the following day to confirm,
    which took me 115 minutes at a cost of £10.
    they said that due to market fluctuations the
    holiday had risen £70 overnight. What a coincidence!
    I had been on their web site for at least 2 days
    and the price had not changed at all !
  • We were delayed for 12 1/2 hours in November 2011 on a trip to Mombasa from LGW. We were disgusted with how we were dealt with at the airport, and subsequently were not happy with the hotel accomodation.

    We made a claim for compensation in respect of both the flight delay and the problems on the holiday. Both were refused. We took the claim regarding the holiday to ABTA tribunal service and only then did they pay up, before it got to tribunal stage.

    Following the ruling in October, we made a further application for the flight delay compensation. We posted it the following day with all the documents we thought were relevant to prove our claim. It arrived with them 25.10.12. We chased them several times, and on 09.01.13 we received a claim form to fill in. 11 weeks just to send out a claim form! Ridiculous.

    We completed this and returned it straightaway, the accompanying letter stated they aim to respond in 56 days (but basically no guarantee). So in total it could take around 19 weeks to get a response - this is in my opinion unacceptable. We have complained to the CAA - how far this will get us I have my doubts.

    I accept things go wrong - but how a company deals with it is what matters. How Thomson deal with complaints and customers after they have your hard earned cash has ensured that we will never again book a holiday with them or any of their sub companies.

    I will be interested to gear from anyone who has had a sucess with Thomson. I feel deliberate delay tactics hoping people give up may be in play!
  • Hi I orginally wrote to Tui 20th November using the correct template for our delayed flight in June 2011. Received an acknowledgement 29th November 2012 advising we should hear within 28 days but they were currently in their "busiest period" so could take longer. Now today we have received another letter dated 14th January 2013 asking us to complete the enclosed forms attaching photocopy of our passports & boarding pass (unfortunately we have not got our boarding pass & I don't know of anyone that would keep such a thing....). I feel Tui are using delaying tactics for our claim which took off from Birmingham at 7.25am on time but 15 minutes into the air the pilot of the Boeing 757 announced we had "navigation problems" & would have to turn back to Birmingham then await for the replacement part to be delivered by taxi from Heathrow airport!! We finally took off at 1.30pm & Tui have had all this information on our original claim 20th November 2012 so why do we have to now complete more forms? Is there anything we can do hurry this along or is it a case of sit & wait the 56 days or more they are claiming it could now take from receipt of these new forms?
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    I’ve just come back from holiday. The thomsons caused a big ol mess and to cut a long story short I didn’t have my suitcase for the entire trip.
    My insurance company say that they will pay £50 per day for a max of £300. 7days without my case makes £350. Also there is the money spent on replacement clothes etc.
    My question is am I able to claim the replacement items from the airline separately as I won’t get that from the insurance company due to the max of £300. Is there another way to claim for this? Any advice would be appreciated
  • Std response form the airline and it is unreasonable to ask for boarding passes so long after the event.
    I too have recieved the same unreasonable request from Thomson that I should attach boarding passes from 2007. Can anybody let me know if my claim is now at refusal point or what is my next step. Please please help.
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    You need to complete their claim form and attach as much info as you can (copies of).
    If they deny your claim based on the fact that you didn't supply boarding passes then go straight to court.
    There's no requirement for you to have them, although some sort of documentary evidence that you indeed booked and paid for the flight in question would be expected.
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