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Simply Electronics - WARNING

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  • I am considering buying a new phone from Simply Electronics soon and as I searched them on Google, this came up. Now I have some doubts?
    I don't mind waiting a little longer (for the delivery) than normally as I don't need it in a rush, but I wanted to know if the products they do sell are still good, working and acceptable products?
  • DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY>>>>>>>TAKE HEED!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are charlatans and thieves. I have lost £160, and would advise you to avoid SIMPLY ELECTRONICS like the plague. They WILL rob you if you ignore this message.:mad:
  • I am considering buying a new phone from Simply Electronics soon and as I searched them on Google, this came up. Now I have some doubts?
    I don't mind waiting a little longer (for the delivery) than normally as I don't need it in a rush, but I wanted to know if the products they do sell are still good, working and acceptable products?

    THEY are thieves and charlatans. I've lost £160. Dont do business with them.:mad:
  • Dam dam dam, i just wish i had found this site before i last week shelled out 3820 on two Galaxy Note 10.1's from them. They are like everyone here says they are, trouble is I'm guessing most people google the product they want like i did and simply come up as one of the sellers. It is quite ironic that i did actually pick them as i believed they were a UK base seller and until today when i came across this forum thought they were. I received my two notes after about a week of ordering them last Tuesday, I first noticed the Samsung seals were broken, when i opened up one box yes the note looked new, then i noticed the EU mains plug, then the leaflets and manuals in the box were all in Italian. I the very next day tried to get hold of Simply making over 30 calls being kept in queues, I eventually called the sales line and after some time did get hold of someone who said they couldn't help but to try customer services after peak hours, so i tried at 11pm and thought when the message said I had less than one minute to wait I'd speak to someone 8 minutes later when still no-one answered i hung up. I then sent a message via their contact system, i explained my problem with the notes and sent the message. I still at this point didn't realise I wasn't dealing with a UK based seller. two days later I did get a reply saying they were sorry about their call system but if i sent a photo of the mains plug showing both ends of the lead they would get me the correct mains plug, I thought this was a strange request but did as they ask, but added that I wasn't happy to just accept a UK mains plug as the manuals were not in English and that i wanted two UK version Galaxy notes. That was last Wednesday since then I have had no contact. I fall the other posts and threads in this site don't make anyone get put off from buying from simply electronics then I don't know what will, I just wish something could be done with stopping them trading in the UK falsely deceiving people to the fact they are in the UK and the goods are not grey imports. I am now going to try to get my money back but I am reluctant to send any goods back or I can see myself ending up with no money or Galaxy notes.

    How have other people faired in getting their money back from them so far. Also anyone have the contact details for the HK trading standards police etc etc, yes I'll google them but if you already have made contact with various departments would be good to get those details as they will know the situation.
  • I had experience with them as well... twice :) The thing is that they operate on several websites. Prices vary very little but the same problem. As far as I know the websites are simplyelectonics dot net purelygadgets dot co dot uk, gb dot chatandvision dot com To Purelygadgets you are redirected via tesco direct. I have contactacted Tesco customer service but they dont care. The reply was - most of the customers are happy. If anyone could check properly under how many websites they operate and why tesco has anything to do with it.
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    Being in a rush, I missed my usual research until after I had placed my order with Simply Electronics on 10-12-12 for a 3rd generation Apple TV which was £20 cheaper than elsewhere.

    I was then a little concerned to read some of the adverse comments about this company but decided to let the order run and see what happened.

    They did, as has been stated elsewhere, take my payment immediately rather than the usual practice of waiting until the item was dispatched.

    They did, however, despatch the item four days after the order was placed and provided DHL tracking number. The item was duly delivered on 17-12-12 - at the lower end of their 7-10 days original delivery estimate. The item was UK version ie UK plug and worked perfectly.

    I had a perfectly satisfactory experience with this company, based on this one transaction. The only worry came from reading the poor reviews!!
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    Fpell I think you must be the 1 in a 100 customer that Simply Electronics actually fulfil the order to. In my experience they just hold onto your money as long as possible without sending the goods until they are threatened with action and then reluctantly refund your money (if you are lucky) and pocket the interest.
    I wonder if they have any of the bulk of the goods they advertise they have in stock.
    If they are supposed to be in stock then why are they not dispatched straight away.
    The only thing they do quickly is debit your credit card.
    Reputable companies only debit the money on dispatch
  • I wish I'd come across this 9 months ago. In May 2012 I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 from this company, having seen the very positive ratings that they had on various sites. The tablet arrived within a week, and I noticed that one seal was broken. I immediately contacted the company by email and asked whether I should return it (the tablet was sealed inside the box). I had an email by return assuring me that it was ok, that the 12 month warranty was still valid, and that I should contact them if there were any problems. I kept a print out of the email and forgot about it. The tablet has been fantastic, exactly lived up to its reviews, no complaints. Unfortunately yesterday it just went black and will not recharge. This seems to have happened to a couple of people and they say that the tablet should be returned for a replacement.
    Today I've emailed simply electronics to explain the situation. I got an acknowledgement of my email saying that the returns department will be in touch in 3-5 business days. Reading the small print on their website I see that they send faulty goods off (to Hong Kong??) for repair and that this will take at least 28 days (I guess that means definitely Hong Kong). I tried emailing the named person who emailed me originally but this has just generated another automated email.
    I am now fearing the worst. I now know that their assurance of the 12 month warranty has no validity in UK law, so presumably I have lost all my rights - I guess that Samsung will quickly say that simply electronics is not an authorised dealer (I have no idea whether they are) and will wash their hands of it. And as I did receive the goods that I paid for 9 months ago I don't see that the banks can help.
    I suppose that all I can do is wait and see what happens in the next few days, and be prepared to chalk this up as an expensive lesson. The only possible chink of light is that the Nexus 7 has come out since I got the Galaxy, and it seems to be consistently rated number 1 of the tablets at the moment, and it's cheaper. I definitely won't be buying a replacement from simply electronics!:(
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    Never had problems with them. I ordered an Olympus EP1 (when it came out) and 2 memory cards. I'm looking at a lens on there at the moment.
  • I ordered a canon lens from simply electronics on 28/12/12. my order would take 7-10 working days to deliver, which is fine. a week or so later I recieved an email to say my item had been despatched so I clicked on the link to track my order and that is when I seen that it was coming from Hong Kong. unaware of this before ordering, i did a google search and found this site. mixed reviews on here and I did start to worry. but my lens arrived on 14/01/13, well packaged and in full working order. I couldn't be happier and I would use the site again.
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