Advice on cancellation after 10 days of Eclipse service!

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Hi all,

Need some advice.

I migrated to Eclipse internet and was fully aware that they have a 6pm-midnight restricted service. Their advertisements also stated at all other times there are unlimited downloads.

Now after 10 days of using the service I've realised this is so untrue! Even in off-peak times they are restricting the service to 2mbps out of the 8mbps line I have. I have contacted them asking for a MAC and they state I have to pay £47 to cancel. £47 to cancel for a service which they mis-advertised and mis-sold to me?????

I have no problems paying for the amount I have used the service for i.e monthly charge/days used.

I am paying by direct debit and wanted to know my rights with regards to cancelling the direct debit and forcing them to issue me with a MAC.

Or I can take them to a small claims court but is it really worth the hassle?

Any advice will be appreciated.



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