new build house zero vat on carpets


I just moved house about 6 weeks ago into a new build property
A friend of mine said when you get some carpets you won't have to pay vat on carpets
As wasn't as organised as should have been didn't sort out till now.
Told by carpet supplier that you need to do this prior to moving in to benifit from zero vat !!! and he wouldn't budge on this.
Thought this might be useful information for anyone about to move into a new build property
Not sure if this applies to things other than carpets?
If anyone knows a way around my move in after the event would welcome a quick note
good luck


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    Thanks for this, one of my mates has just bought a new build so told her about this :)
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    A friend of mine said when you get some carpets you won't have to pay vat on carpets

    Your friend is wrong.

    Quoting from VAT Notice 708

    "If you are a contractor supplying zero-rated or reduced-rated services described in this notice, the ‘building materials’ you supply with those services and ‘incorporate’ in the building (or its site) will also be zero-rated or reduced-rated.

    What are ‘building materials’?

    ....The articles are not carpets or carpeting material."
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    Can confirm also that your friend is wrong.

    I moved in to a new house last year.

    Got zero VAT on ceramic tiles and laminate flooring (as these are considered fixtures).

    Had to pay VAT on carpets (as these are considered fittings).

    One suggestion is to consider some laminate flooring or ceramic tiles (or other fixture types) in certain areas of the house.
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    Another important point is that the supplies have to be made in the course of constuction before the house is completed. Once you have bought the property and been handed the keys by the developer, the construction would normally be assumed to have finished (and thus no more zero rating).
  • just a quick bit of info.

    Zero rated items are still valid after you move in, but only untill you actually request your vat return (which can be done only once) after that there not valid. And I think you only have 1 year after moving in to do this.

    In my understanding, carpets and some "click style" flooring are not zero rate as they are removable... If you think you will be able to rebate your carpets, just buy them, paying vat, and reclaim it... but you have been warned.
  • Information on what you can/cannot claim and how to claim it is given here.
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