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    I had to go to the shop for milk last night, and managed to hit the reductions! I got a small french stick for 25p and a small slab of pate for 35p. Added a multipack of crisps, and that's lunch and snack for today and tomorrow! I've probably saved a tenner because I'm terrible for buying sandwich bar lunches, so that's a bit more for the mortgage pot this month!

    I've also been very good about eating from the fridge and freezer this week and have purchased very little (just the milk, bread and pate) since Monday.
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    Naomim wrote: »
    Today is soup and a roll again. I spent £1.52 because I bought the roll and a tub of butter to keep in the fridge at work for emergencies.

    Lol, if a tub of butter survived other people's tea-leafing tendancies in this office (it'd go in on day one and be half polished for you by the end of day 2) then it wouldn't survive from a space aspect in our work fridge - I half expect everything to fall out of the fridge at me when I venture in for team milk for my tea (queue a random beach ball bouching out the side as it if were a coat cupboard packed to the rafters :rotfl:)

    Today's lunch is a cheese and pickle sarnie. I had a banana for breakfast and decided that was going to be it as I want to try and cut down. Clearly doing this on just a 'nana isn't a good plan as I was nearly eating my desk by lunchtime. I think I'll be eating by cookies in a mo that I brought in for a snack - whoops.

    KittieJ, Tonight I'll start going through the thread to getthe lunch ideas out. Might be quite helpful to give me some inspiration for what to buy in next week's shop (at the weekend) to keep my interest up.

    I definately think a multibag of crisps to keep in my drawer will feature somewhere in the shopping list - I got into a (bad) habit of eating (at least) one a day from the vending machine and I'm really noticing not having had any since Christmas :o (I can't believe I just admitted that - I didn't even want to admit that to myself last year!)
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    Oh, I'll tell you what's also helping me when I get sweet cravings - is hot choc powder which is stashed away in my drawer
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    tatuZeddy wrote: »
    instant mash sandwiches

    Instant Mash sandwiches?? I could see the sweet/savoury of the bacon and banana suggestion someone else made :rotfl:

    But in all honesty - I love mash (or anything potato! I swear I should have been born a spud, lol) Just instant mash in bread and butter, or you add something to the mash as well?

    No, crips butties.... MMmmmmmmmmm. Forget the cheese - butter bread with flavour of the day crisps squahsed between it. I'm dribbling already! :drool:
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  • Shortie - a multipack pack of crisps will save you a fortune. hubby used to buy a pack each day for 55p from local shop = £2.75. You can buy a pack for £1 depending on your choice of brand. I had to hide them away at home and just give him one pack a day or he'd just have eaten the whole lot withing two days!
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    His Missus - ours are 70p in the vending machine. I'd never really worked it out but that week's worth equivallent to £3.50... I can get 3 multipacks in Mr T for that much :eek:

    I think the bags are bigger in the vending machine but I don't eat the crisps because I'm hungry, but because I get a serious savoury craving I need to quench, so a smaller bag should make no odds to me really. I'm definately a savoury-more-than-sweet person

    This is the silly thing - at the moment I'm eating more sweet things (treats from Christmas, or general household biccies) as I don't have savoury munchies in at the mo, so I do get to the end of the day having eaten the sweet-stuff calories and not feel hungry, but I don't feel taste-bud satisfied. Hmm... I will need to work on that won't I?
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    Hi peeps!

    I can't join in because it is years since I bought lunch at work (not always so good other times tho). But you are all complaining about boredom, so I thought I would tell you what I do for my lunch.

    I am away from home all week, so I make 4 salads (I leave at lunchtime on Fridays). They keep perfectly until Thursday if you do it right: chop all the firm stuff (I use carrot, pepper and sometimes celery) and put your dressing on it (I just splodge on some olive oil and a bit of soy sauce - try it, its good!). Mix that around, then add less firm stuff (for me, grapes, radish, cucumber) - DON'T MIX IT UP!! Lastly, put torn lettuce or salad leaves on top. Mix it when you eat it. You need to use containers with enough space to do that, otherwise you get lettuce everywhere. And I often add a handful of mixed seeds or Bombay mix when I mix it up. (Bombay is really yum in chunky style salads). If you want more than that, something like a scotch egg is quite nice alongside or chopped and added.

    Just a thought for you, perhaps for later in the year, eh?
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    sarahemmm wrote: »
    And I often add a handful of mixed seeds or Bombay mix when I mix it up. (Bombay is really yum in chunky style salads).

    That sounds lush!

    For me today it's been a tin of tomato soup from home with a handful of grated cheese in it. Tasty but messy/stringy. Not to be attempted in polite company without a napkin to hand :eek:
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    Well still managing to make the work lunches :) Past 2 days have been cheese and salad cream as I was getting sick of the gammon lol. I think I may do some cold sasuage and various sauces for next week as I do love sasuages rofl :)

    Hit the £73 quid mark today but that is for take aways as well tbh. But still can't belive I have saved that much :) Oh and as for what I am spending it on, nothing amazing I'm afraid I'm just saving it up as I ow my dad quite a bit so need to pay him back.
  • nipped into the co-op as ive realised they do their reductions about the time i'm passing and ive had some bargains so im ashamed to say im putting this in my routine, i'll just take what i spend out of my grocery money. I'm popping most of it in the freezer so when my meal plan runs out (2.5wks left) i'll have a start on the following month, anyhoo I digress, today i got a thai chicken curry for 65p and 2 x 20 mini sausage rolls @ 53p each so my eldest can have the curry for his lunch tomorrow and i'll pop some of the sausage rolls in mine and little ones lunch and freeze the rest. Ham, cheese and tomato sarnies tomorrow with red onion salad cream, yuuummy. Scone, yoghurt and a apple too. Will prob do eldest the same as well as the curry as he has a long day on a Friday and it'll stop him from topping up with bought stuff.

    Ive got a Macro card, not sure if its still valid, but going to check it out see if I can get him some cases of pop (he's paying) as the amount of money he spends on these is ridonkulous. Little one has dilute in a sports bottle and I have access to coffee/dilute at work so its never an issue for us but its just crazy for him to carry on spending stupid amounts on liquids. Off to update sig with another day.
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