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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

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  • cornishchickcornishchick Forumite
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    ok update for yesterday.

    8.00 spent in Lidls on milk and bits to go with the meal plan.
    0.70 spent in waitrose cos lidls didnt have any stork for baking.

    have updated my sig to reflect this. and so far very happy
    spent sunday doing a full freezer stock check. and a mealplan to reflect this.
    hope I can carry on the good work...:j

    keep smiling .:D
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  • Chuffed to have a NSD today as I got off to a good start after New Year and was panicking yesterday that I'd fell off the wagon already - so that's 4 in total so far this month.

    Had a lovely dinner tonight with LO roast pork from Sunday. Thanks to meal planning and inventories, I used up 2 packets of straight to wok noodles (been there about 2 years and were due to go OOD next month!!!), 2 packets of sweet chilli and garlic sauce, with some veggies I'd held back from scoffing last night and did a pork and cashew nut stir fry. There was LOADS of it, but as it was so tasty, we've all had a second helping!

    Have meal planned for the next 2 weeks and hoping not to spend too much more by the 31st - we shall see.

    TMD x
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  • KitchenbunnyKitchenbunny Forumite
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    Evening - no time to read through the thread at the moment, but just reporting a little spend of £14.22, taking my annual total to £39.50. I'll update my sig now, and the only other thing I need to buy this week are T-Discs for Hub's Tassimo (he does love a treat and it works out cheaper this way than buying individual coffees from the shops).

    Have a lovely evening.

    KB xx

  • raphaniusraphanius Forumite
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    various small spends such as milk and bread bring my total so far to £66.50
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  • lynneeelynneee Forumite
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    Well I went to Mr Ms last night and spent far too much, BUT I did get some great bargains! Loads of 9p bread rolls, and crumpets and doughnuts which were all reduced to 9p too, so my freezer is overflowing and I had to go to mums to put some in hers too! Price was also a little higher as I needed a new frying pan, so treated myself seeing as they were half price (far happier to pay £9 rather than £18!!). So spent £75.70, which brings my total for the month at £105.89, leaving me with £44.11 so I'm going to have to be very careful! It is still fairly achievable though, and I'm confident I can do it. :)
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    Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    Invented a cauliflower, courgette & cashew curry for dinner with the ingredients I had - so delicious and not dissimilar to a takeaway one so I'm happy!


    Used some of my Greek yoghurt, still have a third of a tub, and was thinking of having it for breakfast tomorrow, but as I still have more than 2 pints of milk to use before going away late tomorrow night I think I need to accept there might be a little waste this week. Oh well, at least I'm going on holiday :D
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  • Spent 14.07 in Morri's today after work, refilling the baking cupboards - everything always seems to run low at the same time in my kitchen. Picked up some WW bits while I was in there as well as they had quite a lot on offer.

    That should be it now until the weekend, and then I'm going away (camping with my scouts! :eek:) at the weekend, so fingers crossed no more spends until Sunday, apart from a possible coffee on the way to camp (I'm travelling by train, seperately to the rest of the group). I've got seperate money put aside for the weekend as well, so buying anything while I'm there won't impact on this month's budget :)
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  • SuzexxxSuzexxx Forumite
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    Evening all :)

    I feel really behind with everything today, i'm not usually late posting on the forums but been a busy day.

    It was almost a NSD but noticed we needed milk so spent £1.39 on 4pts at Spar shop. I felt annoyed i had to buy it there quickly as i usually get 6pts for £1.48 in Asda. Also needed change to purchase some second hand baby items off facebook and Spar shop was the nearest place to get change.

    Tomorrow won't be a NSD again as i need to grab a few essentials to see us through to big shop day.

    Hope everyones had a good day. Off to catch up on the thread now and update signiture.

    Suze :)
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    she_who_can_not_cookshe_who_can_not_cook Forumite
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    just popping to post my spends i have always been one of these people that just don't see the good bargains now i go to my new tescos on the w ay home from working and tonight they had packs upon packs of organic mature cheddar 240gr was 2.50 now 25p i picked up 12 lol they have just fitted in the freezers ... i left one out and for a grade 3 flavour its nice should have got 20
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  • Mrs_T_MMrs_T_M Forumite
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    Bought nearly everything else I needed for the rest of the month in Mr. M tonight.

    Spent £6.68 total tonight.

    500g spaghetti (dry) - £0.24
    1 kg rice - £0.40 (went up 10p!)
    500g spiral pasta (dry) - £0.30
    1 kg beef and pork mince (frozen) - £2.75
    20 thick pork sausages (frozen) - £1.00
    2 tins chopped tomatoes - £0.62
    4 tins baked beans - £1.08 (they've went up another 1p!)
    1 tin tomato pur!e - £0.29

    All we need now for the rest of the month is a pack of eggs, a 1 kg bag of chicken portions, and 1 maybe 2 jugs of milk. :)
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