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Parking Ticket Appeals guide discussion

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  • Hi all, I have just receieved a, CONTRACTUAL PARKING CHARGE NOTICE,
    FOR £95.00,after shopping in sports direct store in Burton on Trent.
    if any one could give me advise to pay or not to pay please?????

    Hello, how much time did you go over, I was 3 minutes late today and I am worried that I will now get a ticket. D you know what firm runs the car park thanks
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    Why are you worried? The ticket would be unenforceable anyway.
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    Angela1987 wrote: »
    Hello, how much time did you go over, I was 3 minutes late today and I am worried that I will now get a ticket. D you know what firm runs the car park thanks

    Did you perhaps miss the reply above yours from Coupon ? This ancient thread with links to the out of date advice should be closed.
    When posting a parking issue on MSE do not reveal any information that may enable PPCs to identify you. They DO monitor the forum.
    We don't need the following to help you.
    Name, Address, PCN Number, Exact Date Of Incident, Date On Invoice, Reg Number, Vehicle Picture, The Time You Entered & Left Car Park, Or The Amount of Time You Overstayed.
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    Angela1987 wrote: »
    Hello, how much time did you go over, I was 3 minutes late today and I am worried that I will now get a ticket. D you know what firm runs the car park thanks
    You have rather randomly picked an old thread to add your comment to. First, read round this site (particularly the stickies) to understand the whole parking charge scam, and how it's best to ignore any such tickets from private companies. Then wait. If you do get anything, and are still worried in any way, then come back and start a new thread with your story.
  • I would like to dispute the payment method rather than the fine itself is it possible to do that?

    I happily made an online payment, unfortunately this was the wrong amount; I had to enter the amount myself and I had no warning or follow up afterwards that this was not the full amount.

    As a side note I had no chance of paying within the 14 days as it had to go through the lease company and then my works admin.

    My main dispute is the increased penalty because I thought I had paid it. I've not seen an online payment system before that does not calculate how much you need to pay for you.

    Once again I had no chance to dispute within 28 days because by the time I got the increased penalty once again going through the lease company and then my works admin it's now 2 month later.

    I've emailed the council with the facts but haven't heard anything yet. Any advice?

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    You got no replies as you added it to a thread which is only for discussing the guide (not new cases).

    Post a new thread please and you'll get help:


    Why oh why oh why is this MSE thread here? It should be deleted or posted in reverse order or locked so that nobody sees the out of date advice to ignore PCNs, or even post on this thread at all. Please ignore this thread and read the Sticky thread for NEWBIES at the top of the page. Do not read anything else on this thread. Do not post on this thread.

    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
  • A vital resource for appealing parking tickets is the Traffic Signs manual chapter 3. You can google it and download it from the internet.

    I won a bus gate incident on adjudication forcing the council to make their signage comply with the law, rather than their "make it up as you go along" attiude to signage in my part of the world.
  • In my city, the council has used rural clearways across much of the city. You can tell they are rural by the signage used and that they are 24/7. Side roads are properly signed to show that you are about to enter a clearway. But the council assumes that the distance between the sign and the clearway itself are also part of the clearway. But many motorists seeing no yellow lines assume that this section of road is free parking and get ticketed.

    When I checked the Traffic Signs Manual chapter 3, it is clear that the council's interpretation is not recognised. Had the side road been a slip road onto a rural clearway, they would have been correct. But the side road is definitely not a slip road and rural clearways are declared unsuitable for urban use.

    As far as I am aware the council are stopping short of going to adjudication. In one case the ticket was forgotten, in another they claimed a procedural error.
  • Apart from the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 3, another useful tool is Google Earth and Google Street View.
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    I have just received (9/2/13) a fine from the local council parking folk, for an offence in January (5/1/13).
    I am parked over the line in a parking bay - ok their photo shows this. When me and my wife returned to the car there was NO ticket (I think we might have noticed that!) Also their photos show NO ticket on the car. Because of the time I have lost the ability of a reduced penalty. What is my best way forward please? I thought that they had to take a photo of the ticket to prove it had been served. The letter does say an enforcement officer served the PCN, some scroat could have removed it, but more likely I think this might be from a CCTV camera, so saying notice was served is a lie!

    Help please!
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