MSE News: Hurry to beat the train fare price hike

"There's only a tiny window to beat the annual train and tube price fare hikes which could save you hundreds of pounds..."
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    In addition, walk up tickets from 02 January onwards are still being charged at the current prices. Could be worth heading to the Southern website via Topcashback today or tomorrow and bagging any you are likely to need up to 3 months in advance.

    Southern's Money Back Guarantee can be used if they turn out not to be required, though you may think it's not worth the hassle as the savings on these tickets (anytime, off-peak etc.) are likely to be lower than seasons.
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    If you don't want to splash out on an Annual ticket and are not planning a holiday soon, do what I have done and buy one valid from 1st Jan until 28th March (day before Good Friday). It was £35 cheaper than one starting on 2nd Jan :money:
    Can I help?
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    I'm taking a hit on a season pass for the first time. I did the sums before xmas, and decided I may as well start on the 7th, as I only want a pass for the shortest time possible that gives me the biggest saving (so getting on Jan1 is not cost effective). i found that if I get one to last for 5 working weeks (i.e. until friday 8 feb), it is cheaper per day than to get one for 6 or 7 working weeks. Not as cheap as 3 months or a year, but I'm not wanting commitment for that long.
  • I don't travel the same journey regularly so can't buy a seasonal pass - I just make sure I book as far as possible in advance and use split tickets by checking the site
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