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'supporting each other through really tough times'

edited 21 March 2013 at 11:49AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • kidcatkidcat Forumite
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    Ginny - yes Christmas is hard for autys, but as we go on more we pick up tips, this is our first Christmas as officially auty, yet we have always known how badly it affected them.

    Your shoulder sounds really awful, is there anyway you could see a different doctor at the practice? We hardly ever get to see our "appointed" GP and cannot choose which one we see either, but I do know that many will allow you to book with any within the practise.

    Well done on the singing too - singing is a difficult one to master, so if you can keep him at it he will find it much easier at school.

  • PopperwellPopperwell Forumite
    5.1K posts
    I think I am restricted on what painkillers I am allowed because of the kidney problem and what I take does not always work, I have never been offered specific drugs for arthritis...

    Wishing all as I said earlier a peaceful and happy time with loved one's, let's hope that we manage at least 24 hours where worries can be put aside.
    "A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!" ~Thomas Jefferson

    "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in" ~ Alan Alda
  • Katieowl wrote: »
    Toughies...I have TOTALLY CRACKED Gluten free pastry for mince pies...if anyone wants it give me a shout!!!

    Hello, I'm a lurker, but I do enjoy your community on here. Could I perhaps have your recipe as I have a wheat intolerance, not allergy, but I could do with shaving some "bloat" over Christmas whilst enjoying a mince pie or two?

    Thanks in anticipation

    TMD xx
    Decluttering junk and debt in 2016
    Debts - Vanquis £3500 1/1/16; DFD - when I'm dead with £100,000,000+ interest :eek: UPDATED Feb 2016 £2739.80; DFD June 2016 :j
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  • GF Pastry for mince pies.

    Two things first...I made these in little foil trays, just to help support the pastry as GF pastries can be fragile. I think you could manage without this, but mine need to be think that was a wise move. Secondly, I've topped this with a crumble as I do all my mince pies, it makes them a bit lighter.

    40g Rice Flour
    35g ground almonds
    50g tapioca flour (a health food shop may have this)
    50g cornflour
    1/4 teaspoon Xanthan gum (measure this carefully, as too much makes the pastry tough)
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder (make sure it's GF!)
    1 tablespoon icing sugar
    1/4 teasppon salt
    I also added a bit of lemon zest, as I usually do in mince pies
    80g Vitalite Margarine

    Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, add vitalite, and work in with a fork. It will 'just' come together at this stage. Take the bowl over to the sink, and wet your fingers and flick a tiny bit of water over the mix, and with your damp fingers knead it into a ball. You may need a tiny bit more water, but it needs to be dry enough not to be sticky. Wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for half an hour before rolling. Use some of the tapioca flour to roll out, but do it on a sheet of non-stick baking powder, just break off a small piece each time, and keep the ball covered in cling film. If it's too dry to handle, you can add a tiny bit more water, but keep the water to a minimum. It will be more crumbly than normal pastry, but it should be strong enough to actually pick your circles up when you've stamped them, and move to the tins. Ease into the foil trays or tins very gently, but if it does crack you can patch it with a bit more, pushing it together again. I found this easier to do in the foil trays, as you could lift them out to manoeuvre.

    Fill with mincemeat (or whatever I guess!) and then top with a crumble topping:

    150g Doves Farm GF white flour
    50g ground almonds
    100g vitalite
    100g sugar

    Fork vitalite into flour, almonds and sugar keep it quite coarse, as the bigger chunks are nice and crunchy. Sprinkle over pies, and add a few flaked almonds to the top of each pie.

    Bake until just tinged with gold (@ about 180 degrees), they come away from the sides slightly when cooked, so you can take a peek at the bottoms and make sure they are cooked underneath! :T

  • edited 23 December 2012 at 7:53AM
    JKJJKJ Forumite
    120 posts
    edited 23 December 2012 at 7:53AM
    Katieowl wrote: »
    Toughies...I have TOTALLY CRACKED Gluten free pastry for mince pies...if anyone wants it give me a shout!!


    I would be so graeful for your help with how to make this please

    Edited to say as I posted I saw your recipe above my post......thank yiu for sharing
    Please be patient with any mis-spellings and typos I am officially useless with a touchscreen keyboard!!! :mad:
  • meme30meme30 Forumite
    534 posts
    'Bloat for Christmas'.. that made me laugh!:rotfl:

    Well, like most of you I am following a daily list that consists of cooking and cleaning. Shopping is all done thank goodness. Today is the lull before the storm for us. It's an odd thing, but once my Mam gets here tomorrow morning everything takes twice as long to do!:) Bless her, she will help me peel etc but it's easier when she settles down with the remote control and the Radio Times IYKWIM.

    Thanks everyone for all your posts here this year. Some have been so relevant and helpful, some have been a tonic when I needed it and lots have made me cry or laugh in varying degrees. There is such a feeling of support and genuine warmth here that I really appreciate. Popping in each morning sets me up for the day.:A
    I am sending all the healing thoughts I can to those of us who are in pain, and I hope you all manage to enjoy the next few days. Whether you are presiding over a busy family time or relaxing in a chair in front of your fire with a glass of something, I send you all my best wishes and hugs and love.
    I look forward to seeing you all in the new year and hearing all your news. I'm relying on you all to be the light at the start of my day.:D

    :xmastree:Merry Christmas:xmastree:
    Give us the strength to encounter that which is to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temparate in wrath, and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.”
  • mardathamardatha Forumite
    15.6K posts
    Thank you meme :)
  • SoftstuffSoftstuff Forumite
    3.1K posts
    I'm sending everyone a nice glass of virtual homemade baileys and a bar of chocolate, so if you can't eat, drink and be merry you can still eat and drink.

    Hoping that everyone has a peaceful Christmas and wishing you all a much improved 2013.

    See you in a while.
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
  • PookyPooky Forumite
    7K posts
    I'd like to wish you all a merry dodah and a fantabulous new dooberry.

    I'm on the last few "jobs" this morning, the rest of it is all pleasure... DD2 is going with DH whilst he has his MRI this morning, she can assemble his portable scooter and sit plugged into her iPod for an hour whilst I get on here (caring wife that I am). DD1 is at work, bless her she's really shocked at the price of food now she's dealing with it and has asked how we manage to not spend the £100+ that most people spend on a weeks shop. She was manically busy yesterday and said shelves were emptying quicker than they could be filled. She asked if I wanted her to check the YS section before she leaves, she's catching on!

    Oh and in true Christmas style, the parrot finally laid her egg last night, she didn't sit on it so it's been removed, she's fast asleep with her head under her wing, making little snorey parrot noises....bless.
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
  • ginnyknitginnyknit Forumite
    3.6K posts
    1,000 Posts
    Pops arthritis drugs are not good if you have kidney problems, thats probably why they havent given you them. Pain is not as bad today.

    Kidcat Im grateful for people like you who share how they deal with their auty children, you make it easier for those who follow. Dgs even trys to follow the tune when he sings. I was laughing till I nearly burst yesterday, we taught him to draw round his hand and now when we do it he puts his foot on the table and we draw round that too but yesterday he decided we should draw round his head :rotfl: It was hilarious. Bonus - he slept till 7.45, never been known here though he sleeps very well at home which we are totally grateful for - its a recent development and long may it last(crosses fingers and trys to type)

    I have Christmas all sewn up so am just pottering till Tuesday - Im lucky I know but have long days and grown up kids. Dd took her dad shopping and I have some very interesting little parcels which may contain crafty things - am quite excited. Mind you I did that once before, I thought (years ago) he had bought me a mobile phone but it was a cordless screwdriver but that actually was very useful.

    Thats a very sincere and lovely post Meme - lets all look forward to the New Year with its new challenges and know that we are all here to support each other hugs ginny
    Clearing the junk to travel light
    Saving every single penny.
    I will get my caravan
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