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does anyone know any reputable online brokers that sell Amercian ETF's?



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    If you mean an ETF that invests in US shares then Barclay's Ishares S&P 500 ETF (ticker: IUSA) should be available from any online broker.

    If you mean ETFs actually listed in the US then you'll need a broker who allows investing in the US market.

    Their Trading Plus account is probably the simplest way to invest directly in the US. Though, there have been complaints about high currency conversion costs.

    There is a link on the UK homepage for investing in US shares. Don't know anymore and the website doesn't give much detail.

    Charles Schwab:
    You need $10,000 to open this account. Preferred by the folks at for the customer service.

    Ultimately run by TDWaterhouse but this is a pan-European brokerage run for expats so a good alternative for those who move between countries.

    You'd need to fill in the "W-8BEN" form before trading US shares.
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