Mortgage free but question about deeds.

We finally paid our mortgage off 3 weeks ago and today received the deeds. It does make for very interesting reading, however, I am wondering if some is missing. I know the house was around in 1901 and possibly just before, and I know who lived in the house in 1901 and 1911 but I only have the information back to 1972. Would there be information available from when the house was first built, who owned it etc. Being an avid genealogist, I was hoping to do a full history timeline of the house including all owners so I am not sure if there should be more paperwork or no/

Any advise and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.:)


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    Have you lived in the area long?
    Are there any local historians about? MY old next door neighbour was a font of information and gave lectures about the villages history.

    Also what about your local library to see what they have?

    We found loads of old maps in our loft which were fascinating.
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    Hubby bought house in 80's and the neighbours don't really know much. There is just such a big gap from when I know the house was roughly first built, to 1972 when we have the first paperwork for the vendors. I would have thought that the date the house was built would have been part of the deeds, but there is nothing.
    I know there is no paperwork in our loft as it is now our bedroom after doing a conversion 10 years ago. I could try our local library to see if they hold any info.
    The address has changed 3 times as well but nothing saying when.
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    you can look up the census online, that will tell you who was living in your house every 10 year interval. Our local library has old copies of newspapers and I found our old address cropped up a few times.
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    Yes I have done that. Have the occupants for 1901 and 1911 but it doesn't answer my original questions for when the house was built or the gaps up to 1972. Thanks anyway :beer:
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