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Is my employer breaking the law?

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One of my colleagues was arrested recently and the police asked for CCTV, the manager made 2 copies, 1 for the police and 1 for his records. A few days later my employer pulled us all into the office and showed us the CCTV that the police are using as evidence against my colleague. What can be done about this as i dont think that its fair and surely my employer has broken the law.


  • Sambucus_NigraSambucus_Nigra Forumite
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    Which law do you think they have broken?
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  • Which law do you think they have broken?
    I think its defimation of character and Data Protection Act but thats it i think.
  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    Not data protection -as no personal data about the employee will be on the cctv (eg name address NI number , bank acc details etc)

    and unless the video shows your manager telling people your mate is a thief /axe murderer/etc-I can't see DOC either.

    If the CCTV however shows your mate pocketing a tenner from the till (or committing some other criminal act ) then it is evidence and legitimate for use in court in most circumstances. Perhaps your mate would be better served by getting proper legal advice from a qualified person like say a solicitor ?
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