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get it mended for free

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  • isualiveisualive Forumite
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    what an excellent site. Thanks.
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  • ThepmiesterThepmiester Forumite
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    quoia wrote: »
    Whilst there may be some very good gems of wisdom on here, please be very very careful before following any of it.

    I've just had a search for a few things and looked at the questions posted and answers given.

    Firstly, looked for WM and BEARINGS - this is the Hotpoint range of washing machines and I know from experience that the bearings are an issue.

    Of the 12 to 15 I looked at, with just 1 exception (which was truthful advice on removing a specific nut & pulley), all the others basically said , don't do it yourself, you need special tools, call an engineer - expect to pay £100 to £150, a nightmare, not for the novice, etc. etc.

    Well I'm a novice, I didn't have any special tools, it wasn't nightmare (IT WAS QUITE DIFFICULT never having done it before) but I did it for £6 (cost of the bearings & seals) when the engineer wanted £95 because it would take him 90 minutes to 2 hours.
    It took me just over 4 hours - although whilst in bits I fully cleaned the tub and drum and door seal and most hoses and soap drawer from all the build up of powder/scum/dirt/mould etc. - something the engineer wouldn't have done.
    One of the answers even said "We do it for £XXX" and included his phone number so watch out for traders selling their wares.

    Secondly I had a look at MONDEO, found an answer to a problem that was potentially very dangerous, likely to make matters much worse and make any costs involved in repairs spiral to 10, 20 , maybe even 100 times what they would have been before following the advice given.

    Thirdly, having had a quick look around some of the general TV fault responses, I'd rate most of them as TOTAL PANTS !
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    Thanks OP
    The Pmiester:)
    Well, I just got into town about an hour ago.
    Took a look around, see which way the wind blow.
  • quoiaquoia Forumite
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    damski wrote: »

    I accept it may not be to every ones taste, but it has saved me money and I guess it will save others money as well

    instead of coming on here and having a rant at what was a genuine attempt to help others,

    why not add your vast knowledge to the database on the site and help others as well

    I did, I answered 4 questions including 2 Mondeo related ones

    and I wasn't having a rant - I was issuing a warning to be careful.
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  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    Thanks OP,dont think I am up for major repairs,will use this for simple stuff.
  • tropicaltopaztropicaltopaz Forumite
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    Thanks OP, I've bookmarked it for future reference
    & Thanks Quoia for the warning, it makes sense to be wary of information given by "experts" on the net or elsewhere.
    I found your post useful and not at all ranting
  • MaysieMaysie Forumite
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    another good site is i used them when i had a flashing light on my washing machine the instruction manual was saying calll an engineer. Took me secs to fix i was so happy.

    The sites both look very similar. I looked up my old machine problem from how to mend it and put an answer on fixed 4 free to someone asking. My good deed for the day.
  • gibbygibby Forumite
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    excellent tip

    Im sure Ive posted it before but

    is a great site too as Ive had info to fix car problems
    & fixed my combi boiler in 3 properties for peaunts rather than £400 plus quoted by tradesmen

    Im not that great with these sort of things but really saved some dosh with this site

    I also try to get things trade rather than retail which also saves a few quid

    i did find a local exhaust co got me a full exhaust for £90 rather than the £500 I was quoted from garage - it cost £30 to get fitted so I was chuffed

    never take advice from broke or unsuccessful people

    Jim Rohn
  • Thanks great site, have bookmarked it for future use. :beer:
  • Thanks damski- very usefull as people are always getting me to fix things for them!

    (I didn't think quoia was ranting.. thought he was just giving some usefull advice)
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  • eadereader Forumite
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    Thanks, I don't need it just now but have saved for when I do.
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