How to get my laptop to pay for itself.

About a year ago I purchased a brand new Apple Macbook. I love it but recently have found myself wondering if it was worth the money. As I work in an office all day and spend all day staring at a screen, when I return home my first thought is rarely to turn my laptop on, however it is a beautiful piece of machinery and I feel it is not fulfilling its purpose.

It was brought on a credit card and although I have technically paid it off, I do not feel it has paid for itself yet.

So here is my challenge to myself.... to make my laptop pay for itself.

Its cost £999 to buy brand new.

Current money made from laptop:

£20.95 Onepoll
£38.29 eBay

So currently a rather measly £59.24.

Today I have signed up to elance in a bid to improve this total but any other ideas would be gladly welcome or anyone who wishes to join me, be it a laptop, car or other item please feel free. The more the merrier.

Thanks for listening


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