Finished Baskets - Part 2



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    Just added pic to my post so you can see my freebie basket
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    Cant see it on this computer but will be interested to have a look tonight because Ive just started collecting freebies in the hope of doing this next year!!
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  • artydoll wrote: »
    I have made a freebie hanper for my grand daughters birthday...I usually collect free samples,perfume,make up ,moistuiser,shampoo [even got a bar of soap especially for her excema free] and anything else thats going on thr freebie thread..these are usually forwarded to her mother,but this year she has asked if I could give them to her,
    I have made a box out of coloured card added all the samples,a few items of cheap jewellry have gone in as well
    covered it with cellophane and a big rubbon bow
    will try to put a pic on in the morning
    I think it will be apreciated she is going to be 13DSC03363.JPG
    This looks fab. As a mother to a 14 yr old, I know she would love this. Well done.:)
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    bump bump for the Xmas period some great ideas but love to hear more xx
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  • I'm a stay at home mum, who's looking to work from home. So for mother's day i decided to make my mum a hamper (was so worried but she LOVED it!!):D
    So it got me thinking about making hampers and selling them from home as an income, which ones i've got everything to make the ones i've already decided on selling. I think hampers are a brilliant idea to be fair as you get alot more for your money.
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