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November 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 22 October 2012 at 2:33PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • ;)I have now retrieved my spending diary and have recorded my spends so far this month. For three of us plus a guest for four days our food bill so far is £76.74 plus £16.78 on non food items. I am going to aim to feed us for £45 per week . Dd brought a lovely chocolate cake-choc brownies(homemade)for my neices birthday(neice stayed for 4 days)and I froze what was left of it-four portions for a later date with some custard!
    Youngest dd did the roast today and I have 4 portions of stuffing to go in the freezer and this time I have labelled it with the date!
    Spent an hour or so collecting old paperwork together to shred and searching for car insurance docs to transfer to my name on 2nd car. I will give this one some use as mileage is very low and the tyres are new!:cool:
    Thought long and hard about whether to sorn it but have decided not to as its better in the wet weather and the wind than my car.
    Spent an hour or so on DWP site to see what I am entitled to in my new "widow" status.:( Still have lots of food in the house and I am going to attempt a menu plan for the next 3 days-maybe a week if I am brave. Pleased with our gas usage since having cavity wall insulation free last year-it has gone down again!
    Just need to go a bit easier on the electric now-although we are careful.Putting heating off at night as we were getting too hot but I had it on previously for hubby:( It took a couple of weeks to adjust to turning down the thermostat!
    So-all in control again and now I can concentrate on the "legal aspects"!
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  • MrsCDMrsCD Forumite
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    elly2 wrote: »
    Morning all thankfully i only had the one CC mrs cd and i cleared that last week, the only thing left on i*m* account is a customers cooker (bnpl but she gives me the money monthly to ensure it will be paid for in time to avoid the intrest) so i dont need to make any more payments to that one.
    Well done and sorry if I sounded nosey :o It's a good time of year to get everything paid off!
    i used to carry over a week but now we can not carry any over i am off next week for two weeks lol
    Have fun! You can get all your Christmas cards done, and the cake made, and the shopping, and wrapping.........
    We're off to the Lakes for a couple of days for our wedding anniversary (34) so I won't be reading for a while - I wonder how many pages there will be when I get back :eek:
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  • armchairexpertarmchairexpert Forumite
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    Have fun, MrsCD!

    Just thought I'd pop back in and post the week's menu, this is what I cooked last night:
    • Smoked trout, asparagus and potato frittata for tonight. Not as extravagant as it sounds; asparagus is in season over here and it's only a tiny bit of smoked trout for two people. Kids will have eggplant-tomato pasta, which I keep in the freezer in small kid-sized portions.
    • Curried chicken, lentil and vegetable pot pie.
    • Shepherd's pie
    • Corned beef hash fritters and HG salad
    • Pasties made with leftover roast lamb and vegetables.
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  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    Well done and sorry if I sounded nosey :o It's a good time of year to get everything paid off!

    Not nosey at all mrs cd good advice, thinking today will be a spend day DD wants gammon, new pots and coleslaw for tea i have the gammon so will need to pop out for the rest lo's are having chicken kievs (trying to clear the stockpile :rotfl:) not sure what i will be having yet. Didn't manage to sort the meal plan out yesterday so will try again today also need to make some cheese scones for the lo's packed lunches i was buying them from the bakers at £1 for 4 :eek: but decided to make my own to save some pennies.

  • No big spends this weekend, but did have a chippy tea on Saturday so that was £3.50 and then OH went to the shops on Sunday morning for some bread and bacon which was another £3, bringing our total to £46.90. Nearly half way now and not even at £50 so we're going pretty well! Going to make up a big batch of spag bol tonight which will do us for a few teas.
    November Grocery Challenge = £83.47/£150
  • Morning All

    Had a quick whizz round L!dl this morning, not been before as its further than @ldi. It was ok but I wasnt bowled over. I had a £19.30 spend (plus one of the knitted dresses from my other purse) so added £20 to my sig.

    Seem to be doing really well this month, just over a week to go and less than half into budget. Although, we have been eating from freezer and cupboards lots. And I've started making my own coleslaw again...

    I might do a Mr T delivery next week and use the voucher exchange for some frozen stuff.

    For Xmas, I have nearly £50 in nectar points and I have £75 in M&S gift cards (free gift when opened savings accounts for kidlets and me). Having said that, I will be getting our gammon from the butcher in the market so that will need to be cash. Might save the vouchers for the sales! But thought I could get some nice cheat side dishes for xmas dinner from M&S...

    Away with the fairies :beer:
  • Meal plan for this week

    Mon - beans on toast/ chicken rice and salad (kids won't eat rice)
    Tues - spag Bol / HM curry portions in freezer
    Weds - oven pizzas
    Thurs - rustic chicken for all
    Fri - just me and the kids, not too sure what to make, might make gnocchi as its dd1's favourite, not sure what to do with it though
  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Just been to Tosco - £89.12 :eek: and that was AFTER the £5off wys £40. £8 ish from second purse so £80.49 from grocery budget.

    Got a £10 hp salmon side which will do 2 meals, although not this week as our mealplan is:

    Monday - pork stiry fry with noodles
    Tuesday - breaded haddock, hm chips, peas
    Wednesday - shepherds pie, brocolli
    Thursday - pasta with hotdogs and cheesy sauce
    Friday - hm pizza (first time doing these :o)
    Saturday - roast pork and all the trimmings
    Sunday - (just DH and children) chicken curry and rice

    Must go and update my signature. Have a good day everyone.
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi...been making a chilli and the base for a shepherds pie in the double sc...will have the pie for tea and the chilli later in the week....tomorrow we are having a curry with rice and then chicken fried rice with the leftovers the next day

    i have some coupons for sainsburys that i need to spend 20 quid to get 4 off...i have a few ideas and it really doesnt take long to spend £20 these days

    hope everyone is doing well...anyone spotted any good christmas bargains yet ? or are people thinking it is too early to look ??
    take care tess
    onwards and upwards
  • I have now spent £233.45. I really need to be under this month. It's been a tough one, have had alot to pay out in the last three/four weeks.
    Dinner tonight is lamb (had it given to me) with potatoes and veg. I have been baking this afternoon when i got home from work. I have made flapjack, chocolate brownies and oaty biscuits. It has filled the tins up, for a little while anyway.
    Good luck to everyone else.
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