Portsmouth Vue Cinema (BOGOF)

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Ok.. In the cimema there is the listings for the films that week and on the back theres a offer.. its to a pub just nr the cinema and you give them the voucher and you get another drink free (or even the bottles of champs)

You have to show them you have a cimema ticket (not all the time) and you get one free.. then you get ya freind to go up and do it again..

I did it with 1 cimera ticket and saved about 3.50 a time. We did this all night and there was 4 of us so thats 7 quid saved a time.. If you like me and drink 10 jack d doubles in 1 night it saved me (JUST me) 50 quid! but
you can save more if you go with more.. If you go with 4

1 goes up and gets the drink for the you and him and then the 2nd lot go up!! However.. i find that you drink more then you would if you see what i mean :)

If you with 4 you will save well over 80 quid for a ticket that cost you 6 quid.. and if you do what I did when i was drunk.. when back to the cinema and said im to drunk i want to get a refund on this..


Post if you do it! and how much you saved!


  • I think you mean Tallulahs in Gunwharf Quay.

    Although it's great that you point out this BOGOF offer I don't think it's right to deceive the restaurant/bar and keep using the offer when it's clearly meant as a one per ticket. I suppose it's their own fault for not taking the ticket off you.

    This is a money saving tip only when your not being deceiptful.


    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • Yeah thats the Bar!!


    Yeah i see your point but when they charge 5.50 for a Double JD and Coke.. is just ripping us off :)
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