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TRADES DESCRIPTION - what are my rights

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TRADES DESCRIPTION - what are my rights

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thepunterschampionthepunterschampion Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Threads
Last year I sent away money to subscribe for a tipping service for 12 months - James Croft - who provided nothing but took the money when i eventually tracked him down - he had written to me from 2 different addresses he did not offer me a refund but to restart the 12 month period - i refused and demanded my money back he has not replied - how can i get my money back

I signed up to another tipster -Insider info - 60 day free trial and if i set up a standing order i could cancel if not satisfied

the SO was not showing on my bank account otherwise i would have cancelled on line - he then took money out of my account the only day it showed on my bank account - unbeknown to me as i was on holiday - £179 and again he has provided me with no service for this money - who should i pursue for the money the bank for paying him out when there was no mandate on my account to take money that was visible for me to cancel or the guy for not providing anything for the £179

Any help or guidance would be grateful


  • No i don't but hoping if i can't do something to rectify matters it can serve as a warning to others....
    You don't seem to be having much luck do you?
  • Fergie76Fergie76 Forumite
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    Are you sure it was a standing order, as I thought you had to set them up and tell bank frequency of payment and amount.

    Direct Debts, companies can requests money at any time, but you are covered by the DD guarantee, to stop unauthorised payments.

    Check with your bank, because if it's a DD you can maybe claim under the DD guarantee, if not it looks like small claims court, though you would have to send letter before action first.
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