PPI sold with loan via car dealer

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My car dealer arranged for a loan with GE Capital in 2005. GE Capital has now been taken over by Santander and when I contacted them, I was told that I would be entitled to make a claim as I had ticked the box under CPI (Credit Protection Insurance).
My first application was rejected on the grounds that the car dealer was liable. When I challenged this, they presented a new argument saying that enough time had now lapsed for me to have carried out due diligence! I am going to challenge this also, but will probably have to submit
a complaint to the financial ombudsman as Santander has advised.
I was wondering, does anyone know where I stand if I didn't buy the policy directly from the lender i.e. GE Capital/Santander, but via my car dealer? Next to the box I ticked saying I agreed to buy CPI is another box which I ticked to confirm that I received a copy of the policy summary for the CPI. I don't have this document and I kept everything from my transaction. The car dealer didn't appear to know what CPI was either and returned an indifferent opinion that it might be a good idea.
Replies from anyone with a similar experience would be most welcome.


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    If the card dealer returned an indifferent opinion and the box wasnt pre-ticked then your case is extremely weak as far as I can see.
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    Cant see you getting anywhere with this, you freely say in your post that you ticked the box to say that you wanted PPI.

    Cant see that it matters who you bought it from.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    You have no case against Santander - they simply provided what you asked for.

    So you need to complain to the dealer.

    If it was a single premium added to the loan and they did not explain the full cost, including interest over the term of the loan, then you have grounds for complaint.
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