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Hi, I'm looking at taking the family (3 adults, 1 x 14yr old) to Dubai for 2 weeks at the end of March / beginning of April next year to visit my sister.

When is the best time to book flight? As early as possible or wait till nearer the time?

Any tricks to drive down prices?

I'm hoping to fly from Cardiff but presume the cheaper flights will be from London?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    Now is as good a time as any to look and book.
    As a rule of thumb, non-stop flights will be more expensive than those with a change.
    To avoid very high UK taxes you could try departing from somewhere else (eg. Dublin, Paris, Brussels, Italy...) and booking an open jaw, to return to London or Cardiff, and then book another flight (or Eurostar) one way to the departure point. This could help save, but does increase the hassle factor!
    Use a site like to search for flights, and then check a cashback site to see if that airline / agent offers any cashback on them.
    A random quick search gives:
    cheapest London-Dubai nonstop: £492 on Royal Brunei, £589 on Virgin
    Cheapest with a stop: £296 on Pegasus (via Istanbul). Note they are an LCC, so will probably pay extra for luggage, meals etc
    Flying from Cardiff is currently £558.
    Also, look at flying into Abu Dhabi, only 1 hour by road from Dubai.
    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks very much for your help Signol, I'll look at these options this evening.

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is an LCC??

    Thanks again. . . .
  • signolsignol Forumite
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    Hi, LCC is Low Cost Carrier, like Easyjet, Ryanair etc. But they do have assigned seating.

  • Thanks again signol. Not cheap these flights are they. . . . !!
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