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Tissue paper wedding decorations - pic heavy!

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Weddings & Anniversaries
My apologies to those on slow connections!

Ok, these are my first attempts at making decorations for our 2014 wedding - I'm not very arty so figured I'd need plenty of time to practice and its also quite fun!!
** If the pictures aren't loading you can find them here **

The colours are a bit eclectic as I bought a cheap pack of 20 sheets of multicoloured tissue paper for £1.14 from Tesco just to experiment. In future I will be choosing colours by ordering larger packs of tissue paper online. The floristry wire stems were from ebay, about £1.50 for 100. 1 stem per flower/pompom.

First, paper carnations:

Really easy to make - cut wobbly circles of tissue paper about 3 inches wide, trace around the outside with the edge of a felt tip. Thread a piece of florist wire through the center and out through the other side. Twist to secure. Bring the "petals" up one layer at a time gathering at the bottom into the middle. Fluff out, dump in jam jar. Ta-dah! I plan on tieing the "flowers" together on the stems with ribbon at the top, fill the jar with something pretty and do the real thing altogether a bit more neatly :o But its my first attempt and I think with practice they would be perfectly acceptable little arrangements!

1 sheet of tissue paper makes 4 flowers.

Pompom flowers
1 sheet of tissue paper cut into 8 makes one of these! You could use more sheets cut into bigger bits to make bigger pompom flowers.
Instructions here I cut some of the edges of mine to be rounded, others spikey.

Full pompom
Sorry for the poor quality. This is the first thing I tried and it didn't turn out too well as I made it in a hurry, probably didn't use enough tissue paper and was shy about rounding or spiking the folded paper. I've only got 2 sheets of tissue paper left so can't attempt another until I order more but I think done in the same way as the pompom flowers they will look great hung from the ceiling! Just use twice as many measures of tissue paper as the flowers and puff out all the way around.

Honestly these are all so easy - I don't have a crafty bone in my body but these are fun, easy and nearly impossible to mess up! I think they look OK for a dirt cheap decoration too!

What do you think?

Any other tissue paper crafts you would like to share? I've seen these which might be worth a try :)
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