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what to do with unwanted underwear?

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  • thank you all, great suggestions.

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    Hi there,

    Bravissimo also take old bras and give the money to charity. They don't have to be big un's either!
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  • I believe it's against the rules to sell used underwear on Ebay for obvious reasons (maybe bras you'd get away with but not bottoms) so have to be rags or recycling.
  • Bag it up into saleable eg bras and unsaleable and take it to your local charity shop just explain bag b is for recycling, they get money for the recyclable stuff which then goes to a good cause. dont destroy it when they can make good money from it, just make sure its clean lol!
  • As for hygienic purposes, I think it is not allowed that you give it to charity for other's use. So I guess it's safe to say that you can use them as rags. I also do the same for my old ones. :)
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    you could use the bras as planters.

    Y'all take care now.

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    There is a charity near to us called The Arches that provides essentials for people that have absolutely nothing.

    All my families old underwear goes to them and is very gratefully accepted.
    It doesn't matter how long it has been worn for, just that it has no holes.

    Why don't you see if there is a similar charity near to you?
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    Anything lacy can be used to add length to sleeves or inserts into tops that have too low a front on them. to make a faux vest.

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    The Blythswood Trust accept almost anything for reuse and its a charity that does so much good for millions of people.I do shoeboxes for them at Christmas and they have centres all over the place
  • Thanks for that excellent link, JackieO :)

    As for knickers, when they are 'past it' to speak, i usually just bin them. How mad is it that i make sure they are washed and dried before they go in the bin?

    How mad is it that i probably do so because i have this irrational thought that should someone be nosey/stupid enough to trawl through my garbage, i wouldn't want to cause anyone to be horrified by finding my unwashed unmentionables in there?
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