Baby bugs eating my crops! Help, please!

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The bugs were probably in the soil that you used, same goes for the slugs; if none of the below help - you may need to clear it out and use total fresh compost - mix in a bit of sand to bulk it out if necessary - but you might be ok with the following:

Pop a french marigold in, to try and keep the bugs away - the smell is too much for them.
Pop a basil in, to attract the aphids away from the cabbages. you won't be eating this basil, it is purely for bug purposes.
Put some more onion seed down in a couple of weeks, once the bugs have dispersed. They will mature much later in the year, but bugs don't like the smell.
Put coffee grounds on the soil itself, slugs hate it and onions love it.

You could do any or all of the above - i have put them in order of impact - ie if only wanting to do one thing, do the FRENCH marigold thing - make sure it is the french type.

Don't forget to sow some more spinach, spinach only lasts a few weeks and you need a fresh supply to be regularly sown. Sow in separate pot and transplant when an inch or so tall.


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