MSE News: How to escape Vodafone price rises

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    The template letter is post #139 in that thread, can't post links sorry.
  • Does anyone know if we are successful in cancelling the contract do we have to give back the phone?
  • Does anyone know if we are successful in cancelling the contract do we have to give back the phone?

    I dont think we do.
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    Does anyone know if we are successful in cancelling the contract do we have to give back the phone?

    Absolutely NOT. The phone is YOURS from day one of your contract.
  • I am in a 24 month contract with VF which ends mid July 2013.
    The original price was £25.54, (£21.28 + VAT) and recently went up to £25.99 (£21.66 + VAT) Now I have rec'd info from VF that it will go up again to £25.60??? How is that rounding up to the nearest 50p???
    To top that, I work on a ship, Europe and Worldwide. When in phone range, Vodafone Passport came in handy for contacting home. 75p connection and use of included minutes. I would normally call once a day or so. Now they are also stopping this on 1st November, replaced with Euro Traveller, which, as soon as you even just send a text, automatically charges you £3 for the day!! Granted you can then use your included data, minutes etc, but for me, that 75p a day has gone up by 300%!!!
    I am on the ship at present, albeit off the UK coast, but cannot post a letter to Vodafone. (Could manage an email though)
    Any tips on how I stand here, is it worth trying to cancel? Really would like to kick them into touch and go with O2, they have actually started doing something similar to Passport, but cheaper .
    I wouldn't mind, but I don't even get Vodafone reception in my house!! Only got it for the roaming benefits!! No I won't pay another 50 quid for a Sure Signal either, cheaper to pop into the garden.
  • With respect my previous post. My monthly basic cost has been increased by 4.5%, if I include both increases since December last year.
    There is a clause in T&C (11b) stating that if the increase is above the Retail Price Index, you may have grounds to cancel your contract. I'm not a legal expert though.
    RPI is about 3.2% at present.
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    I think it has to be 10%+ for you to be able to cancel without penalties.
    See the article and this long thread: Vodafone to Change Prices from 11 Oct 2011
    We are born naked, wet and hungry...Then things get worse. :(

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  • I started my 24 month contract in May for £46 a month and its going up to 47.05.

    What are my options?

    Many thanks
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    grumbler wrote: »
    I think it's time to let your proofreader go at last...
    The MSE proofreader'd better be aware that it could've cost him his job as the error'd be quite obvious to those who'll've seen it.
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