HI, newbie to site.

Hey to all who to bother to open this up. (And thanks for doing so!)

I live in glorious Wiltshire, and have been introduced to this site by Mrs LUF, who has used it for some time. Myself, I have a huge interest in American cars, but no way in the world of being able to buy or maintain one, so I built 1:25 scale models of them. It nearly keeps me sane. Also love Leeds United FC (cue booing and jeering), but again with distance and costs involved, don't get up to see them as much as I would like.

We (well, I say we!!), have struggled for a few years with the heavy chain of debt around our necks. We have managed to get down to around £1100 now, which has saved a heap on prozac.

Will use this diary as a little account to myself, (and you if you are so bored you want to read it again) to keep track of the money I spend, and how these debts can be lowered.

If you made it this far, I thank you for staying with it, and listening to my tale,


Sealed Pot Challenge 6 #1943 :)


  • Welcome to MSE LUF :) Will look forward to following your progress xx MM XX
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    Great news on getting the debt down so much :j
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  • Thanks for the replies, Malmesburymagic, and Beanielou.

    Been looking for a while now for an airbrush, to help with painting with my model cars. Costs are prohibitive (for one with compressor about £70-£80). But today thanks to my wonderful step-daughter, got one in Lidl for £39.99.

    Gotta pleased with that.

    £40 spent admitted, but still seeing as a saving, cos was gonna get one anyway.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 6 #1943 :)
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    Hello :wave:and welcome.

    Leeds United Fan ha, so youre the one;)

    Sorry, couldnt resist. I live in North Yorkshire so not too far away and plenty of fans around me.

    Well done for getting the debt down and keep on keeping on.

    You have to treat yourself now and again.

    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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