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zafiria spare wheel

in Motoring
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wookie_2wookie_2 Forumite
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any ideas as to where i can buy a new or second hand zafiria wheel,


  • deanosdeanos Forumite
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    Ebay or breakers yard
  • StockportGerbilStockportGerbil Forumite
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    What happened to the old one? I've read somewhere that Zafira spare wheels are prone to getting stolen and am a little worried about my zafira.
  • Your local vauxhall dealer for a new one. or try your local scrap yard for a 2nd hand one but check the prices of a new one before parting with your cash on a 2nd hand one.

    Is it a space saver or are you looking for a standard size wheel to match the ones on your car?

    I know there is a problem with the zafira spare wheel storage system that makes them easy to steal, if you bought your car new from a dealer then report the theft to the police and take the crime referance number to Vaulxhall and tell them to replace it at their expense also ask them to fit a KLOK 19 also at their expense whih locks the spare in place so it can't be stolen.
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    Hello wookie

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