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The general transfer thread seems to be very quiet, so I'm posting my question as a new thread:

I have existing ISAs with A&L and Halifax - I think these are now earning a mere 4.47% and 5.3% respectively. So I need to transfer them somewhere else.

I note that Kent Reliance seems to be the best for interest rate, but I'm not too keen to deal by post only.

Is the YBS the best otherwise?

It's not clear how much interest is lost during a transfer - for example Kent Reliance say they won't add interest until 3 days AFTER they receive the funds, so goodness knows how many total days interest gets lost each time we transfer an ISA. Is there any transparency about this?


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    If you are going to keep the money in an ISA for a fair while (and if you have two then you seem to be keeping the money rather than dipping into it), then perhaps you need to accept the loss of interest as a cost to be borne which is offset by the longer term better rate.

    However not all institutions work in the same way. For instance Nationwide pays interest from the date of the other institution's cheque (ie when the account was closed) rather than from when they receive it. Unfortunately Nationwide's rates are not the best!
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