paper potters

does anyone know of a place which sells cheap paper potters?

and to those who have them...

are they worth the money? I have a constant supply of free papers as I use the busses and pick up the metro and the MEN, so they would be cheaper that way?

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    Wilkinsons has some cheap ones, but you can easily make them yourself with the papers.
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    You don't need one! The above instructions are pretty clear (I can manage it so they must be!) and I use them all the time! To make seedling pots, I use a tabloid (local paper!!!) torn in half down the crease and then in half again. All my seedlings grew in these this year.
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    that fantastic, i have just made one now!
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    I use a paper potter (I'm not really into origami-type manipulations!) use them a lot and congratulate myself that I'm doing my bit for recycling. Making them can be a bit time consuming though, so perhaps something to do while listening to the radio or chatting with a friend over a coffee.
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    Hi, I have tried to make the paper pots, following the instructions from the origami thing, it was an absolute disaster, however my OH made perfect ones, so it was me being thick, and him being smug. I now just put some doubled up newspaper around a rolling pin and either cellotape or stapel the sides and fold up the bottom of the tube. It works a treat, uses up the tabloid newspapers and is free. I planted some runnerbeans in these tubes and the beans have been transplanted with out any disturbence to the roots.
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