help... who should i use?

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Im spending about 80 pounds on elec a month and 40 pounds on gas a month..

and im using sweb but they are just expensive i think..

anyone know a good one for me?


  • log onto or or any of the other tariff calculating websites and choose the best one
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  • log onto or or any of the other tariff calculating websites and choose the best one
    But bear in mind Martin's latest (23/9/04) advice (,97731,).

    "STILL DON’T SWITCH. Scottish Gas has announced a huge price hike to follow British Gas, NPower & others; yet as other companies are still likely to raise prices soon too, I’m repeating my call “don’t switch yet!” Today’s cheapest may well be tomorrow’s most expensive; it’s happened before. Wait until the playing field is level; I’ll remind you in this e-mail when its time."
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    however, if you choose one of the capped price tariffs, you will not see any of the increases. holding out may be all well and good, but for certain offers, there will be a time limit. therefore, you may see that a particular tariff is currently cheaper, but more expensive after the price rise and that a capped price tariff will be cheaper. however, you may not be able to sign up to a particular offer as it is too late. also, as there are limits to either time or number of customers signed up, you may find that at the time of any price rises, certain tariffs being limited, merely due to demand.
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  • Wait a little longer, make sure we all know our annual actual consumption, plus of course any variables, like wife's 6 children 2 week holiday during year!! :-*
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  • :-[ I joined staywarm maybe 5 years ago. Then it was £21.60 for all the gas and electric I could use. I live in a one bedroom flat and from december they are now asking me to pay £35.90 a month. For 8 months of the year I tend to stay at my chalet at the coast where there is only electric. The months I stay at home are November to Febuary. Please help !!!!!! I am totally at a loss what to do, but must do something before december. Sorry but I only have a rounded up figure from staywarm. ???
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