Can I bet on myself at the bookies to earn money?



  • Good Luck - You must have money to burn!
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    Good Luck - You must have money to burn!

    No, bad teeth and I am willing to make sacrafices in other areas to fix them.
    If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got!
  • i'd have them all pulled out and false ones fitted. damn sight cheaper than 6-20K
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    It might be too late for you but someone else reading this topic could be interested, the bet is totally possible and a lot of people have got it, they give 1/100 but I think now (2013) there's a maximum staker which is usually £25 giving you a lovely £2,500 . Just email William hill press oficce and they will arrange something, it's such a shame so many people discouraged you... back in 2012 there was some people earning 10,000 on this bet ..
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