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    Ok, so I signed up and had my work evaluated, I too am part of the 3* brigade, if only I had paid more attention in school, lol.

    I do see a problem though, there was only 1 article I could write and it was about something Russian. I understand how your rating can be increased however that isn't possible if you have no option to show your skills as all other items are 4* or above! The sample that I had to write was made from a choice of topics that I really didn't know anything, have an opinion, about. It was never going to set the world alight. I'm just slightly frustrated that there are articles to be written in the 4* section that I actually know about!

    Anyway, rant over. I'll go back to looking for an article to come in that I can get started on.
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  • red_devilred_devil Forumite
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    There is never any work and there isnt a system that allows you to be notified if there is anything.They need to change.
  • katinikatini Forumite
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    Thanks for this, I have just signed up and submitted my evaluation piece. Fingers crossed!
  • I was evaluated as 3 star and have written 5 articles so far, all have been accepted, all paid for and I recieved my first Paypal payout yesterday, so the work is there!

    Unfortunately, Textbroker have put a hold on my account because i've reached 5 articles and they want to evaluate my work before I write any more. Bit fed up as they say that will take up to 7 days, but i've already been waiting 8 working days for them to evaluate my first piece! Ho hum!
  • I wrote my first article for Textbroker on 20th July and it still has not been assessed - so it takes much longer than 7 working days! I've not yet written 5 articles though, so my account is ok. I am 4* so currently have quite a choice of articles.
  • I've just submitted my evaluation piece. Fingers crossed!!
  • TomboTombo Forumite
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    Mixed reviews form the comments on here.

    Is there much work on there at the moment? I am thinking of signing up but not sure if it is gonna be worth it.
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  • Depends what your rating is Tombo. If you get rated as a 2 or 3* writer then its slim pickings i'm afraid, however there always seems to be jobs for 4 and 5* writers from what I have seen (sometimes only a couple of articles available, but sometimes into double figures to choose from!).
  • KiranKiran Forumite
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    As above, there is work for 4* plus. I wish I knew the distribution of articles before I signed up and also that the written text was marking more than just your spelling, punctuation and grammar. I would have put more thought into what I was writing. Go for it, but make sure you submit the absolute best you can for the test.
    Some people don't exaggerate........... They just remember big!
  • just thought i'd write a little update. Textbroker have just assessed all 5 of my articles and unblocked my account so I can work again - yay!

    Out of the 5 I got 3 x 3* and 2 x 4* and some good feedback on areas of improvement. Turns out I am a little bit trigger happy when it comes to using a comma! lol So still a 3* overall, but working on it!
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