Government Green Deal

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I am aware that the Government Green Deal scheme is coming out on 1st October.

Is there a list of participating installers?

I see there is a website but this seems too good to be true?


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    It's not got that far yet.
    There are fundamental problems.
    If you will stay in the home, and are willing to do some portions DIY, it could work out _considerably_ cheaper than accepting the finance.
    The green deal is paid for (generally, unless in hardship cases) by increasing the amount you pay for power, and using this to pay off a loan.

    The issue is that you have to finance this through green deal organisations, and use participating green deal builders.
    These may be at a premium over the market.

    The site mentioned seems to be an unofficial site, aiming at getting lots of links, to serve ads, and make profit that way.
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    Perhap the EST would be a better place to look
    "ensure that the improvements identified meet the Golden Rule: the payments made for the improvements cannot be higher than the estimated energy bill savings they will make."

    When i first heard of it , it seemed a good idea,
    i was discussing a similar idea 10+ years ago with some colleages , looking for a way to encourage energy efficiency measure or mircogeneration.
    now the details of the GD are clearer it seems less attractive.
    One example is their struggling to give loft/cavity insulation away , so I cant see people being to keen to pay for no matter how cheap the loan is.
    EWI may meet the golden rule , solar thermal probably wont without the RHI , similar with PV unless FIT is taken into account.
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    Its interesting to listen what they announce on these policies to go green.
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