Alarm clock for 11 year old.

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Please can you help me a find a suitable clock for 11 year old son. It can be either mains or battery operated ( as long as batteries last well). I want something with a big snooze button, hoping to get him to have one snooze and then up for school. He cannot stand anything that makes a constant noise, so it must not make a ticking or buzzing/humming noise through the the night. It would be better if he can wake up to radio or a more gentle noise rather than a harsh beeping. I don`t mind paying around £20 to £30ish for a good one.
I have tried looking on Argos and Amazon, but they don`t tell you if they make a constant ticking/buzzing noise. So I am hoping someone here can recommend one from experience.



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    If its a digital clock, it shouldnt buzz or click anyway.

    Does he have a mobile phone which could act as an alarm clock.

    Small digital ones can be picked up for a fiver nowadays, no need to spend 20 quid or more on one.
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    I agree with that, try Amazon if you know what your looking for but I've had one from Tesco (think it was around £5 a few years back) it had a digital clock face and an alarm which could be selected to have a radio or alarm noise sound, the radio itself wasn't digital but the clock was which means it didn't make a tick sound. It also had a massive snooze button on the top.

    Tesco and Sainsburys both sell branded alarm clocks for around £10 or £12 and they have both radio and noise alarms and both have digital clock faces.
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    Sounds like you have a bit of a problem getting him up - might be a fun one you want. Put "alarm clock runaway" into the search box on Amazon.
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    Its good for such stuff
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    maplins, or get a cheap payg mobile? check what sound settings it has, to use as an alarm!
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  • Thanks all for your suggestions. I will try him with his mobile and see how it works out, if not look on Amazon or Tesco for a digital clock. Love the runaway clocks - I have a vision of the clock dashing around the house while son hides under his duvet!
  • I can only dream of the day my kids need an alarm clock! 6am every morning, without fail. This is the 6th year........Does anyone have an address to which I can return's just not working out.
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