MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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  • I've been there, done that (and usually it doesn't pay that much for a beginner either! She must be doing something right...) and if a girl is comfortable with it it's one of the easier ways to make a bit of extra cash (you also get some nice photos to look back at when you're old and droopy, so bonus there..)
    I'm not, and have no intention of ever being a teacher or in any other career where it might prove compromising. If it's for a national mens magazine it's incredibly likely someone with connection to the school is going to see it, the rumour will get spread and someone, be it a parent or another teacher is going to take issue- right or wrong that is going to damage her authority (I don't think ten year olds boys these days are too young to torment her with "My brother says you've got great t*ts" type comments) and the respect she gets from parents and other teachers.
    So in her position I think I would have to say no. If she's desperate to get 'em out for cash, why not be a life model in an art class? not as good money, but at least it has a tinge of respectability about it.
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    MSE_Jenny wrote: »
    Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
    Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

    Jordan is a 24 year old primary school teacher with debt coming out of her ears.!A friend she trusts has asked her to do a one-off glamour shoot for a men's magazine that involves full frontal nudity.!This isn't something she'd ever normally consider and!will shock her religious parents; yet in one foul swoop the fees she's being offered for 'buy-out' rights would more than halve her debts.
    Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

    Yes, asap.
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    Try asking the real 'Jordan' aka katie price. Take a tip from her book, many people look down their nose at her but as far asd i can see they are probably jealous. She has a very happy and forfilled life and is a role model to many.

    This is true but she isn't also a teacher.The two things are totally incompatible.If she does it and gets found out she will be sacked, as schools are all about public image these days, and any bad publicity will affect their numbers in the future:o
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