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Ok, so i have recommended Textbroker to a few people asking about making extra money, and have found myself typing out the same things, so i thought i would start a thread i can reference in future.

1st i would like to make it clear i am now mainly a textbroker customer (eg i buy content from them, not write it) but i do have an author account and have tried the system from both sides, so am confident it is a good opportunity for those that can write.

1 What is it?
Textbroker (uk site: http://www.textbroker.co.uk ) is a website where people can order custom articles and written content (eg for their websites, newsletters, sales pages and any other sort of written content). The website takes a fee from the customers, keeps a % and pays the remainder to their authors to write the content.

2 How can i make money from it?
You can sign up as an author, take a test to determine the quality of your writing (this can be reassessed as you improve), then accept paid jobs from the jobs pool. Provided you follow the description and the client is happy with the job, your account will be credited, and you will get paid via paypal at the end of the week.

Pay level depends on writing quality. You can except jobs up to your quality level, you can except lower quality jobs, but will be paid that lower rate for those jobs.
A top quality author can make around £15 for one 500 word article, a medium quality author can make around £3.50 for the same. You can also set your own rates if you get a client that likes your work - See here for pay rates:


3 This sounds a bit like a work at home scam i encountered before
Its not. There are no fees what so ever for an author. This format is familiar for many freelancers in many professions, the scams are copying this format (with inevitable joining fees and inflated earnings promises).

4 Whats in it for textbroker?
About 30% of the clients money. They are a marketplace and they take a cut, just like eBay, Amazon and many others.

5 What if they shut owning me money?
They have been around since 2007 (US site, UK is a bit newer, but the same company) and dont look likely to go under anytime soon. They pay weekly, and the minimum payout is around £8, so you can cash out every week if you do a few articles.

6. How many jobs are their available?
This changes a lot. The higher quality score you can acheive, the more work will be available, but there is a decent supply of work, and its free to use, so a slow week isnt the end of the world.

7. Do i need to pay tax etc
Yes, you will need to register as self employed. Textbroker do not handle any of that, they just pay into your paypal account. This is beyond the scope of this thread, but there is plenty of info on MSE about it.

Any other questions, just ask.
Or sign up and post your feedback.

If you are currently doing surveys and writing reviews for a few pence worth of vouchers, give it a go.


  • kiss_me_now9kiss_me_now9 Forumite
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    I think I'm going to sign up for this later tonight, I'll report back on what I think :)
  • witicherwiticher Forumite
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    bookmarking this and prob give it a try too
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Textbroker writers should be aware of the terms, and understand what this means. Buyers of your work are told:
    When you order through Textbroker, you don't just get access to unique, personalised content. You also acquire the full copyright to each and every article, ensuring that your content stays yours
  • LongshipsLongships Forumite
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    Are you sure you mean textbroker? They don't normally ask for answers, just articles.
    RubyMurray wrote: »
    I joined a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty annoyed with this site. Beware writing your answer in notepad/word etc first (like a sensible person) and then pasting it into the little answer box, you will get flagged for copy & pasting as they assume you are plagiarizing.
    The first answer I did was a 'high effort' one that took a bit of research (I chose this as I reasoned it would have a high number of searches, and it does) so of course I wrote it in notepad first, only to have it flagged and pending approval. They say they release flagged answers in hour usually but it's been weeks now, I emailed them but it's still sitting there on my dashboard, taunting me!
    My plan was to answer serious, real questions with quality answers to achieve high search and click-through rates, rather than loads of 'do you like bananas' or what's your favourite colour' and all that useless noise, which ultimately is a short-lived, flawed business model.

    I'm not going to spend another minute on this until they release my non-plagiarized, non-copied-from-wikipedia answer, it's the principle of the thing, dammit!
    Thank-you to everyone who posts comps :beer:
  • LongshipsLongships Forumite
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    I have written quite a lot for iWriter in the past but the supply of articles to write has dried up there due to the huge number of writers signing up for work so I may give textbroker a try.
    Thank-you to everyone who posts comps :beer:
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    Been validated and awarded 3* rating, what do I do now? It tells me there's no assignments available in any of the categories up there. I'm looking at team assignments now though; I'm presuming that when they get enough authors in a team they send an assignment out to everyone?
  • well, I've just registered and submitted my sample writing so I'll have to wait and see..Looks like there's nothing to lose by trying anyway!

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    Longships wrote: »
    Are you sure you mean textbroker? They don't normally ask for answers, just articles.

    Oh dear haha, I actually meant Webanswers! :rotfl:
    I don't know how my brain managed to parse textbrokers as webanswers, I blame posting too early in the morning without enough caffeine and being more annoyed with them than I thought!
    Thank you Longships, everyone ignore my post and I'll see if I can delete it, or move it to the webanswers thread that's around the forums somewhere.

    I signed up for textbrokers ages ago but haven't got around to writing my sample yet, I should do that soon, I've read lots of good reports about them.
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  • I had an email this morning, I have been rated as 3, had a look at the jobs, only one that came up that I wasn't qualified for knowledge wise, but that's ok.

    Obviously need to keep checking to see what work comes in..

    CC2 3/2/11 [STRIKE]£435.45[/STRIKE][STRIKE] 3/3/11 £425.76[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]6/5/11 £402.37
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  • ainebmqainebmq Forumite
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    I signed up for this a few days ago and my application was accepted by the next morning, so they get points for speed! I'm on three stars. However, every time I've checked the available orders, there's been no two or three star ones available, only four or five. Do you know if there's any particular time that jobs seem to go up?
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