March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • janie-hjanie-h Forumite
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    Hi all :wave:

    Sorry I am very late declaring for the month! Not been feeling too good :(

    Anyway, last spends of March were -
    C**p - £5.00
    L**l - £10.67
    Iland - £8.00
    BM - £8.25
    A**a - £6.50
    Local - £0.88

    Total £39.30 That added to my already high total takes me way over for March :mad: Will update my sig and hang head in shame

    Declaring £312.99 for March :(
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    Turkey casserole in the slow cooker. Turkey drumstick was whoopsied to 50p and the veggies were whoopsied last night for 5, 8 and 10p.

    Enough for tea tonight and tomorrow.

    Just had the free Campbell's soup (last tin!) with whoopsied bread toasted and spread with lurpak from the last offer.

    Not too bad. Only £5.61 so far this week:T

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    Thanks, guys. I think I'll make the coconut macaroons and some lemon poppy seed gf muffins.

    While the cakes look fab, they would be difficult to transport and eat. I'll keep them in mind, though, for next time I'm entertaining :D
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  • Well dinner tonight was a sucess :T It was a "what have I got that I can make a meal out of" meal :)

    Bacon and Veg Risotto.

    I melted some butter in a pan and bunged in some butternut squash cut into small squares (half left over from another meal in the week). Threw in some finely chopped leeks (found them in the back of the fridge looking the worst for wear, don't know how old they were [blush].) A chopped onion that had seen better days, bashed about a bit. Some garlic. Some button mushrooms left over from something last week. Some chopped bacon slices left over from another meal. Fried it all off. Add another good chunk of butter and melted it through. Bunged in a packet of risotto rice. Stirred it for a minute or two. Chucked it in the SC, poured on 1ltr of veg stock. Left it in the SC for an hour or so, until the liquid had been absorbed and the flavours had nicely come together.

    So a lot of chucking and bunging but it seemed to work. I have enough to go in the freezer for another 2/3 meals. My DH will either take them to work for lunch or they will be used at the end of the month for pot luck dinners if money is tight.

    I just found this recipe by chance (searching for something else) and its grabbed my attention! :D and I've just checked the fridge and I do have some bacon in there, no leeks though, but onions and a whole manner of things I can *chuck* in, so I'm making it. Thanks for inspiring me :D x
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