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July 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 4 June 2012 at 1:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Possession wrote: »
    If you didn't have any bacon you could use ham in Ikkle87's cheese savouries. We love what I think was originally a Jamie Oliver idea - split croissants, spread with a thin layer of mascarpone, add parma ham (or wafer thin ham if you are skint!), a thin slice of emmental and put the lid of the croissant back on, bake in a hot oven for about 6-8 mins. We have them as a treat breakfast when we have friends staying.
    But after school I have a houseful coming to watch the tennis and I am going to pop the cheese and bacon savouries in the oven and wait for them to be devoured!
    PS I am assuming the bacon does need to be pre-cooked.

    Nom nom nommy:T

    I would NEVER have thought of savoury croissants!!!!!!!

    Florenceem, nice to see your pics again:j
    I love your fresh veg! I really need to work on a bigger selection for my own family. I tend to wait for whoopsies but that doesn't always happen :(

    I've got my wild cherries simmering away for a jelly. I tried stoning them but gave up after the first 5 :rotfl: so jelly it is!

    That reminds me, better get some jars cleaned up.......
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
    Grocery Spend Weekly Challenge (Sat-Fri):£30.50/£40
  • Save_DoshSave_Dosh Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    jumblejack wrote: »
    I've got my wild cherries simmering away for a jelly. I tried stoning them but gave up after the first 5 :rotfl: so jelly it is!

    If you have a glut of them, you might also like to try cherry liquor, its really easy to make and a nice treat for xmas
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  • sonastinsonastin Forumite
    3.2K posts
    Maybe this is just me but my pet hate is opening tinned tuna (we gets ours in brine) and it slopping all over the place whilst I try to squeeze the bring out. My tin opener take the top of the tin off flat instead of cutting into it if that makes sense, so you can't use the tin lid to squeeze the juice out. In fact - I will buy a new tin opener. However my point still stands, my hands always stink and I get in a right strop :rotfl: :):o

    I totally get where you're coming from. Combined with OH's dislike of all things "fish", this has pretty much stopped us eating tuna now! But, when I do occasionally open it, I tend to do it on the draining board or over the sink. I have one of the tin-openers that takes off the top and I've found it leaves a gap as it goes around. I tend to open about half-2/3 of the tin and then pour as much of the brine through that gap as I can get. Then open a bit more and let a bit more escape, etc. Once the lid is off, the tuna is fairly dry and it's much easier to "squeeze" that last bit out without tipping the whole tin down the sink as it floats away!


    BTW, what's the problem with apples? Why do they present more of a choking problem than other hard fruits/veg? Personally I'm not seeing much difference between say carrot sticks and apple. Not trying to belittle your fear, just trying to understand where it comes from.
  • PossessionPossession Forumite
    3.3K posts
    jumblejack wrote: »
    Nom nom nommy:T

    I would NEVER have thought of savoury croissants!!!!!!!

    The veggie version using mushrooms is very lovely too but DH has a pathological hatred of mushrooms so I never get it. :mad:

  • Well I have done this weeks shopping mainly in Ald!, so in theory I should have NSD for the rest of the week. I spent my budget of £65 including paying back 2nd purse. I have £50 stock in to pay back second purse.

    Just done a like for like comparison with Mysupermarket and I saved a total of £8 this week, It doesn’t sound much but over a year that adds up to over £400 per year.

    I will update my signature now :)
    April Grocery challenge £0/£160 (17th April-30th Apr)
    NSDs - 0/14
  • ikkle87ikkle87 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Save_Dosh wrote: »

    ikkle87 am loving the pasties, stupid question really, do you pre cook the medallions.

    No hun, put them on the pastry raw. They cook in the oven and taste yummy :)

    It's a good way of saving money cos if OH buys lunch when he's at work it can cost about £4 after he's had a drink, a savoury etc. Like I say they are £1.25 each in Greggs and you could probably make 8 for £2 if you do it at home x
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  • Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    Well I don't post for a couple of days then have 5 pages to read lol! Been quiet as I've not bought any food since shopping on Sunday! Went out for dinner last night but that's not from GC budget. I'm away now til late Sunday night so no spends til grocery delivery on Monday - great start to July! Entertainment budget has taken a hit though...
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  • mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
    15.5K posts
    have just updated my sig, nipped down local sains at reduction time for some ryvita as id run out and got 5 loaves of wholemeal knigsmill for 34p each. thats next weeks bread in the freezer
    yongest DS has just come home from school with a rather nice looking quorn pasta bake for his tea (cookery lesson)
    just need to fed the rest of us now and do a shopping list for tomorrow.
    SPC~12 ot 124

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  • nicknacknicknack Forumite
    90 posts
    Been to Mr T today and spent £18.03. Used some coupons that I'd been sent recently to get £1 off cheese and 60p off cereal bars. Had to buy veg oil and olive oil too so spent more than I wanted to but these will last a while.

    I've been thinking about meals for next week and those cheese and bacon savouries sound right up my street, can't wait to try them! x

  • Welsh_PoppyWelsh_Poppy Forumite
    979 posts
    I went to mr M for bread yesterday as we ran out so spent £3.10 will update signature tomorrow is big shopping day so off to Moneysupermarket to save my pennies.

    Chilli Jam

    900gms tomatos
    5 red chillis
    4 cloves garlic
    3" root ginger
    120ml balsamic vinegar
    500gms granulated sugar

    Blitz everything together in food processor or blender
    Then boil for 45 mins
    Then bottle into jars that have been sterilized.

    Very easy peasy and very delic:)

    Strawberry Jam

    1.5kilos strawberrys
    1.5kilos granulated sugar

    freshly squeezed juice of 4 lemons.

    1.In a large glass bowl layer strawberries and sugar, then sprinkle the lemon juice.Cover with cling film and leave for 24 hours.
    2.Scrape contents of the bowl into a large heavy duty based pan and bring to a slow boil.Allow mixture to bubble over a low heat for around 5 minutes, remove from heat, cover and leave stand for 48 hours.
    3. Return pan to heat and bring mixture back to boiling point,Boil intil setting point reached.
    4.Remove from heat and bottle into sterilized jars.

    Keeps for around 9 months:)
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    Feb £150/
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