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July 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 4 June 2012 at 1:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    I've just spent another £5.68p but it was all on YS.

    I got a 1kg Gammon joint down to £2
    5pk sugar doughnuts down to 39p
    pk of fresh chillies down to 45p
    piccolo tomatoes down to 44p
    melon down to 31p
    1kg chicken wings down to 48p
    2x8pk of ttd sausages down to 41p each

    I'm enjoying the YS shopping My freezers are groaning though.
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  • SoworriedSoworried Forumite
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    ikkle87 wrote: »
    Made some cheese and bacon savouries with the intention of them doing for lunch for the OH and he's scoffed em lol, said they were really nice and can I make some more please. x
    Could you post the recipe please? :)
    One step must start each journey
    One word must start each prayer
    One hope will raise our spirits
    One touch can show you care
  • liz-paulliz-paul Forumite
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    Hi, just wondering what YS and AF mean please?
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    PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    edited 5 July 2012 at 7:52PM
    Hi liz-paul!

    YS means yellow stickered, ie reduced price
    AF means Approved Foods, an online cheapo shop


    ETA - if you look at Feb's gc, post number 1237, there is a huge list of acronyms.
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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  • ikkle87ikkle87 Forumite
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    Soworried wrote: »
    Could you post the recipe please? :)

    It's not really a recipe lol but it's blooming easy, and Greggs charge £1.25 each for them!


    Puff pastry (I used a pack of ready rolled stuff from the SM)
    Bacon medallions (I used M's Savers back bacon, used the remainder of the rasher for pasties
    Grated Cheese
    Beaten egg.

    Cut the puff pastry into squares, your bacon medallion should fit diagonally on the square with about half a cm room in the corner. Sprinkle cheese on top of the bacon. Fold the opposite corners (so not the ones where the bacon is laid diagonally) into the centre, brush with beaten egg, sprinkle a tiny bit more cheese on top and then bang them in the oven till golden.

    I don't know if that makes sense lol but hopefully you got the jist.
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  • kezakeza Forumite
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    ok so im caining our budget so far this month as stocked up on nappies at c0$tco for the baby so only have £23.54 left for the month but loads of food in cupboards and freezer from 2nd purse so hoping to stick with it and stay under budget. will prob have to get baby milk again before month end thou (payday 25th) heres hoping! xx
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  • liz-paulliz-paul Forumite
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    Thanks pennygrabber :beer:
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    savesummoresavesummore Forumite
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    edited 5 July 2012 at 8:31PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I know there are tons of recipes on here and on the internet but I just cant think what to put on my meal planner for Sunday dinner this week!!

    Can I ask what everyone is having/ if anyone has any suggestions? I like thing I can make alot of then freeze for future meals :D

    ETA: sorry forgot to say thanks in advance and welcome back FLO
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    Florenceem wrote: »
    I left here on the 2.05 pm train - Friday afternoon. I got home at
    lunchtime yesterday - so I stayed at youngest Daughter's for 5
    nights in the end. Then eldest Daughter is booked to arrive - staying with her sister for 3 nights.
    ED has a 2 day conference in London. On Friday evening
    - they are meeting up with a cousin from Australia who is on a world
    I am SO tired - I arrived in Dartford via Chatham at 4pm on
    Friday afternoon. YD met me on her way home from school.
    Her apartment is lovely - you can watch the boats going up and down
    the Thames. They are building more blocks so eventually her view will
    be more restricted but she knew that when she bought the place.
    On Saturday morning we went to Lewisham - the market there is mainly
    fruit and vegetables - very good prices. We found the material shop
    that was advertised on the Internet - it was very busy. YD wanted
    silk to lengthen the curtains - she got a very good colour match to
    the Laura Ashley raised pattern fabric she had as the original
    curtains. I got some lace trim for cards.
    In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Thames path and saw
    The Cutty Sark. Then we went into Greenwich - there are some lovely
    little shops and a big indoor market. The market is hand crafted goods
    - pottery/leather/jewellery/some fabric goods. I persuaded YD to
    start Christmas shopping. I bought some lovely French lace trim.
    I started cutting the linings and interfacing for the silk in the
    evening. Next morning when I started to cut the silk for the curtains
    - realised it was too narrow! I turned it to use the width as the
    length. So I didn't have enough for the last curtain - without joining
    two pieces - YD didn't like this idea - one little bit! There
    were four LA curtains - two are going in YD's bedroom and one
    each in the other two bedrooms. Her window is wider than the
    other two bedroom windows.
    I worked on the curtains all day Sunday plus all day on Monday. On
    Monday after school YD went back to Lewisham to get more silk -
    they only had a metre - she needed 1 metre 40 cms. So I stitched
    two pieces together after convincing her that once the curtains are
    gathered up by the hanging tape - the seam can be hidden in the fabric
    folds. YD found out that the silk was on special offer - at
    £10.50 per metre - if they get more in it will be - £26 a metre!. So
    if she wanted one piece on the last curtain - it will cost her + £36. I
    have told her - if you don't like the curtain when it is up - I will
    take it apart and redo it - somehow - I don't think that will happen.
    On Tuesday I finished the curtains and 2 of the tie backs - I needed
    more cotton and D rings to finish the other 2. YD is bringing her
    school choir to Broadstairs soon so can collect them then. So I have
    worked 36 hours sewing! I got more thanks for altering the curtains to
    fit from YD's lodger than I did from her. :(
    ED phoned yesterday - could I go and stay for a week while the
    builders do her bathroom conversion - in late
    August - early September - no I can't - I am away again.
    This has been an essay! :eek:

    Crikey Flo I am exhausted just reading this, take care of yourself love.
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  • This thread is great. Have spent less and ha:Dve far more in the cupboards.

    Went shopping today as had run out of fresh fruit. Thanks to all the posters with ideas for end of week alturnatives,will give them a try.

    Spent £70 between Mr M and Mr L.Got enough packed lunch stuff till the end of the month. Will spend £10 ish in butchers on saturday. Then aho:rotfl:uld have just one more shop till the end of the month.:D

    £80 left should be able to do it
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    GC Oct 235/275 Nov GC £72/250
    NSD 5/30:D
    My month runs 22nd -22nd:cool:
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