Spain Pay As You Go sim card for internet access

Hello, I am off to Spain next week with a bunch of friends, we would like to use the internet on our mobile phones however the costs of roaming with Sim Cards from the UK is way to much and we use a lot of internet data.

I'm looking to get a Sim Card with data for our phones only for a week/month hopefully Pay As You Go and something relatively cheap (still students).

We have blackberry's and android's which we would like to use.. Can anyone recommend how we may get cheap internet access on our phones, there's about 8 of us including myself.

Thank you very much :)


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    Buy a local card upon arrival.
    But the cheapest method will be to use any free local wi-fi services available.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • hooolagonhooolagon Forumite
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    Thanks, could anyone recommend which Local Sim Card we could use?!
  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    Having returnd from the Canary Is, there is no real service provider giving value data, the cheaper option was to buy into a WiFi service which is considerably cheaper in weekly chunks and usually faster and unlimited.
  • I used Orange for my BlackBerry. 10 euros for the SIM on the Dolphin(Delf!n) Package. There is around 5 euros of credit on the SIM, enough to get you a week of BlackBerry Internet Service, 100 MB of data and 50 free domestic SMS.
    Look here.
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    Wow thanks! That plan looks good, I think the net is unlimited too they just slow it down after 100MBs, GREAT! If there is any other "Tarjeta" ;) please do share =]
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    In Ibiza I bought a Yoigo sim for €25 . Worked out brilliantly with plenty of data :)

    Got it from Phone House, Spains Carphone Warehouse .
  • Honestly looking for any standard PAYG Sim Card which has lots of data (UNLIMITED if available or 100MBs fast and rest slow) as we have smartphones all hopefully under £10/equivalent.

    As here in the UK a month of unlimited internet data and Blackberry service is £5/month.

    Really am looking for something similar to avoid roaming fees :) (students)

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    Not really money saving - paying 15-25 Euros for mobile, but just 5 for WiFi (or free, depending on location). Try a locality check first.
  • Who has BlackBerry Service and Unlimited data at £5 per month in this country??

    Movistar gives you BIS and 300MB of data per month for 12 euros, plus the cost of the SIM.

    Don't bother trying to get won't find it unless you are using a mobile broadband USB.
    If you have a MiFi, then you can use it in conjunction with a Carrefour mobile broadband SIM. Unlimited data(100 MB and then throttled) for 1 euro + IVA per day. That's the best deal currently.
    Then you can use the MiFi WiFi connection. No guarantee of speeds though.

    One option not mention is if someone uses BT Internet in the UK and is enrolled in the FON Project.
    Then a FON Hotspot may available. FON map here

    Again that can supplement the mobile signal.
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