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'Tipsville USA: big apple instructions on how to tip' blog discussion



  • I would not leave a tip, even in the USA.
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    We have just returned from a week in Chicago and again had top class service. We always tip using the double the tax rule. We will always leave a couple of $ in the room every day for the maid.

    We have no problem with leaving a tip because service we have received has been very good. The only time we got a bit !!!!!! off was in Las Vegas and the taxi/cab drivers taking us the long way round from the airport.

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    All their services, specially food, even in top restaurants are dirt cheap compared to the UK and why, even Europe. I wouldn't think for a second and always tip when I travel to the US because people would rather get tip than a fat pay. That's their culture and I'd prefer to go along with their local custom and culture than go by what is mine whether I agree with it or not. 20%-25% is the norm at restaurants and in beauty salons and taxi's 15% - well, that's how I keep it. Tour guides 20% + any drinks/meals on the way. It is cheap to tour and visit America than any other part of Europe because of their maginificiant constitution that is liberal that doesn't impose tax on people and expect and encourage a gesture of good will in people. It is almost innate in their culture - why even question it or doubt it.

    In Japan it's the opposite - it is an insult to tip anyone. But don't feel bad, they will nicely take money from you for every service they provide.

    Now I wouldn't know what to do if I went to a Japanese restaurant in the US, but I suppose it's nothing to do with the restaurant and all to do with the culture and custom of the place.
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