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July 2012 Grocery Challenge

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    jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    My elderflower and rose petal cordial results are in......

    Melt a kilo of sugar in around 1.7 pints of water. Add juice of 2 lemons (and zest if preferred)
    Allow to cool.

    Plunge in your fruit/flowers etc and leave for 24 hours covered.

    Sieve through a folded clean tea towel and bottle.

    Refrigerate. Will last for several weeks.

    Dilute with wine or sparkling water for guests (or just filtered tap water for yourself ;))




    Sorry about the weird sizing of the pics. I don't know what photobucket is playing at!

    If they are too big, I will happily remove them :)
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  • JILJIL Forumite
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    I have never seen reduced items in Aldi.

    I have in my local, and also in L1dl, they just put a sticker on them with 30% off or 50% off. Its not really a time thing with them its more about when the staff get a chance to do the reductions. If they are busy on the checkouts then they dont get chance to do the reductions.

    In L1dl I have often picked up free range chicken at 30% off and its 3 days before its sell by date.
  • June wasn't the best month for me so I'm increasing my budget back to £250. I'm starting to buy nappies that are on offer to prepare for the new arrival and I may have to buy a few beers for DH weekly to keep him away from sms. Hopefully I'll come under budget and will be able to decrease for a little bit next month :)
    :jBaby girl born 3rd October 2012:j
  • JILJIL Forumite
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    KatyReed+5 wrote: »
    but also includes a £24.00 spend on 2 bottle of nit stuff for the kids, i do wish some parents would check their kids hair and stop giving them to mine, grrrrr.

    Katy, X

    I dont know if you can still buy it but I used tea tree oil conditioner on my childrens hair. (original source or holland and Barrett) Put the conditioner on and leave for a while, then use the nit comb to get the eggs and dead beasties out of the hair. Like you I got fed up of buying the nit lotions and i looked for a natural alternative and it seemed to work.
    The teachers at the school used it as well.
  • Oh my, can't believe we're into July's thread already - where is this year disappearing to!:eek:

    Thanks to Zippy, Helen & Rosieben as always & good luck everyone!

    July is a stocking up month for me, so a slightly larger budget of £160 - toiletries still looking OK but running low on loo rolls, kitchen rolls etc.

    I've a bit left out of June's budget :j (so far!) so think I'm going to treat myself to some lovely, but rather expensive, cream - eczema is playing up a bit so hopefully that'll help!

    I'm trying a new type of milk (not Lactofree but extra filtered) so fingers crossed that works OK as it should cut the bill from around £45 / month :eek: (a lot when it's just me!) to around £20:j
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  • I'm in again this month.Sticking with the same budget £360 even though i went over by quite a bit last month. I have fully stocked up so am hoping i can easily come in on budget :cool:
    [STRIKE]H+M £72.89[/STRIKE] NEXT £319.56 22.9%APR BARCLAY CARD £352.90 26.43%APR ARGOS CARD£38.26/ £698.02 29.9%APR VERY £221.19/ £1825.21 47.9%APR :eek:
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Put me down for 600 please helenjelly though uni uses rbs so fingers crossed salaries go in :eek:
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
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    dizzyditzydizzyditzy Forumite
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    Can I be put down for £140 for July please. This is 3 weeks at £30 and 1st week of school holidays at £40 and £10 for cleaning and toiletries. My July runs from 28th June until 26th July. I am trying not to buy any meat as having checked my freezers this is what they are full of. I need to save money for 2 full sets of new secondary uniform :eek:. I am enjoying reading and learning from the tips posted. I aim to try out more recipes this month as well.
  • savesummoresavesummore Forumite
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    Mmm .... I suspected as much because Aldi wasn't on the reduction time slot matrix in another thread I looked at which asked supermarket staff or ex staff about reduction policy.

    In that case I may go 5 mins walk down the road to MrM and get the reductions, then I don't have to spend as much as £35 or incur £2.90 on the train (does mean I have spent 45p on the Mirror though when I wouldn't otherwise have done - going to ask round work to see if anyone shops at Aldi - no point in wasting it!).

    Best wishes to all,

    I go to Aldi quite often on a Saturday morning and sometimes there are 30% stickers on meat, fruit and veg- there doesnt tend to be a section they just leave them in with the regular stuff and stickers them- stickers are RED

    I find Aldi very cheap for fruit, veg and general household bits. Their washing up liquid has a Which Best Buy award and is fantastic- far better than fa&ry!! Make sure you get the small sized bottle with the Which award on the front

    Very small £2.00 spend today on chocs :(
    O/S weight loss 2.5 /10lbs (11st 8.0- 08.02)
  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
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    Had a spend of £9.05. Won't spend for next 4 days as off to stay with YDD. May spend out of some other money but not GC. Mr F is staying home to work and look after the dog. I have curtains to alter for DD.
    We had HM wedges, pizza, asparagus, cauliflower & baby sweetcorn for dinner.

    15 in 2015 1/15
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