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I have had an account with BT for 11 years. I pay by weekly standing order, i refuse to pay them by DD, not to say I wouldn't pay dd to anyone else. i'm currently out of work and prefer to pay weekly as i get JSA fortnightly at the moment. Though any agency work is also weekly, hence why I pay all my bills weekly.

My line rental is £14.60 a month, i have to pay £5.40 for the payment processing fee, (standing charge) quarterly.

i only have this line so that family abroad can call me, and that i need it for my orange broadband. I want to know what else is out there. I was tempted by virgin but not sure if they are cheap enough, my orange broadband is £5, as i got it as part of a deal 5 years ago, its unlimited and i get the second line, they have got rid of second line so if i get rid of orange i couldn't have it again if i went back, only existing customers keep it. I call a friend in holland and belgium for free as you can call eu countries and usa for nothing.
I heard something about, that you can have something done to your line to make it faster but have to pay bt for it, what is this and would it enable better speeds, my exchange is located far away so i wont get anything better than 3/4 mb via bt, in its current state. hope someone can help on this.

What can people suggest, should i stay with what i have and look for a cheaper BT alternative such as primus or whatever it is called, or is virgin etc any good? I do have mobile contract with orange so make my geographical calls there, and my 0845/0870 on bt if i need to but its not very often.

Any suggestions / ideas would be great.
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    What Martin has failed to say in his urgency to get consumers to switch their BroadBand supplier, is the fact that BT offer 4 million hotspots when you leave your home with either FON or BT Openzone. I hate to pay for something when I am not there or, having to pay again for a service that I am already paying for. If you take your laptop out with you then BT is the only sensible solution:beer:
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